Monday, February 24


I blame Starting Over.

D: I think I'm falling for you. So I need to say goodbye.

D: That's unfair. You can't say bye to friends (ouch).

D: But it's the only way to keep me sane. I know you'll be happy.

Then he sends this a couple of days after:

D: I know I shouldn't be texting you but ex sent me a message saying sorry.

D: Go for second chances.

But then yesterday, Iza Calzado said that she's friends with all her exes, so...

D: No hard feelings between us right? Just forget about my drama last week. I hope you and your ex get your second chance!

D: Yeah, you've been good to me, really. Except for the time you said bye.

So tell me who's brave? Lol


  1. I have always believed that the truly brave are the ones who get bitchslapped by love pero go parin ng go!

    BTW, di ako makapag-comment regularly. Had to edit pa the URL nung frame kasi ayaw nung embed.

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