Tuesday, July 12

Like Moth to a Flame

Why is it that confronted with something we know fully well would hurt us, we still jump eyes closed and plunge toward pain? Is it because pain is enticing and it is what reminds us that we're alive? Or is it because we succumb to our own hubris with the thought that surviving it can only make us stronger? Or is it because we feel helpless and just surrender?

Monday, July 4

He is Evil!

'Nuff said. Lol.

Haberdey Geek! :P

Friday, July 1

Stories of our lives

It's interesting how you get to read the story of your life in other people's words. And they say it far more elegantly, eloquently than you could ever do.

Solidarity and a sense of familiarity. Stories that re-assure you that you are never alone. Of seeing yourself in other people's shoes... and ending up sighing not only for them, but for yourself as well.

At the end of the day it's about coming to terms with your choices and other people's choices that they make for you. Of finding people who see the same truth as you do and of hoping, dreaming and moving on. Yes, we move on.