Thursday, September 22


I'm having a major slump at work.

Yesterday, I was in the office at around 7:30 am for a meeting that lasted just right before lunch time. And then after that was another meeting that ended at around 3:00 pm. And then another meeting that lasted until around 7:00 pm. Personally, I don't see meetings as "actual work" since they're primarily coordination and assignment of THE "actual work" so that means:


Worse is when people you meet with ramble on and on and on throwing their ideas here and there without actual regard for HOW we can actually do the job. Seriously, I'm tired of going into talk shops when there's "actual work" to be done! Perhaps it's a personal preference, after all these talk, I need resolutions as to the things we need to get done and how we can get those things done!

Worst is when you come back the following day coordinating another set of meetings (it's practically setting yourself up for another round of "tasks" you hate doing) and receiving a message that seemingly implies your supposed "slacking off" at work! Here I am spreading myself to almost every project you and your colleagues came up with - because modesty aside, no one in this office can make sense of you guys' thoughts other than me - and yet I receive a note saying you "need updates first and suggestions so that the meeting will be PRODUCTIVE!!!

Seriously?! The nerve to say that when you're one of those who ramble on and on during meetings without as much regard for final output and how to get there!!!

Sometimes people need to be pulled down from the heights of their "strategic" totem poles and refresh their minds with the need to EXECUTE. The tyranny of the "at our level," does lock up people in ivory towers.

That and the advocacies your profession's pushing for.

Such an irony! Such an irony indeed!

Friday, September 16

In the Pink of...

Last night, I was going over my wallet, checking for whatever money's left when I noticed my healthcard sitting in one of the pockets. I haven't used that card this year, I think. I haven't stepped onto The Medical City save for the time when we visited a friend recovering from dengue.

This is monumental! And for that I am extremely thankful!


Thursday, September 15

Project J

Then good manners must be inspired by the good heart. There is no beautifier of complexion, or form, or behavior, like the wish to scatter joy and not pain around us.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I hear you Ralph Waldo Emerson. And since I really want to be gwapo, no matter how difficult it may be, I'll try to "scatter joy" around me. People will be joyful because of me! Hahaha. Oh well, if that fails, then I'll just default back to my superficial attempts at becoming gwapo like working out and looking neat and all that stuff. Although they could be simultaneous din naman. Hmmm.

Here's to Project J! ;p

Monday, September 12

That's Not My Name

After 26 years, I've finally learned to appreciate my name. It's not too ordinary yet not that far out either. And when I see something awesome, I get to exclaim the second half of my name. It's cool that way, associating my name with things awesome. Lol

Meanwhile, I found the best doughnuts in CDO. It's your plain ring doughnut dusted with confectionery sugar. But what makes it different is that it's soft but not airy and it literally melts in your mouth. The doughnut turns into this rich batter as you chew it away. They rival KK Geek, I promise!

So if you're in CDO, don't miss out on those doughnuts at the Polymedic Hospital (I know, it's hospital food! Lol) and do drop by Pearlmont Hotel for their really really great roast stuffed chicken. But order in advance because it takes about 5 hours to prepare. Really good stuff, I swear!

It's September na pala... and then it's gonna be October na (duh. Lol). And October is birthday month! Not really looking forward to getting "older" but I do look forward to feeding friends. Hehe :P

Thursday, September 1

Looooong Weekend

I had to fend for myself during the long weekend. Hehe

Saute garlic in sesame oil.
Add chicken.
Add pepper.
Pour in some kikkoman soy sauce, worscestershire sauce, and oyster sauce.
Add some brown sugar.
Add some water.

And yes, I eat that much rice. Lol


Saute vegetables in butter.
Add some salt.

Get some cottage cheese, add basil and pepper.
Sandwich cheese in between chicken fillets.
Roll the chicken fillets in some "crispy fry."


Fry some bangus belly.

Serve with garlic fried rice.