Monday, September 12

That's Not My Name

After 26 years, I've finally learned to appreciate my name. It's not too ordinary yet not that far out either. And when I see something awesome, I get to exclaim the second half of my name. It's cool that way, associating my name with things awesome. Lol

Meanwhile, I found the best doughnuts in CDO. It's your plain ring doughnut dusted with confectionery sugar. But what makes it different is that it's soft but not airy and it literally melts in your mouth. The doughnut turns into this rich batter as you chew it away. They rival KK Geek, I promise!

So if you're in CDO, don't miss out on those doughnuts at the Polymedic Hospital (I know, it's hospital food! Lol) and do drop by Pearlmont Hotel for their really really great roast stuffed chicken. But order in advance because it takes about 5 hours to prepare. Really good stuff, I swear!

It's September na pala... and then it's gonna be October na (duh. Lol). And October is birthday month! Not really looking forward to getting "older" but I do look forward to feeding friends. Hehe :P


  1. oh, u love to cook pala ha!

    cge aabangan namin yang b-day mo :-)

  2. and we'll look forward and be happy to be fed lol

  3. I'm so excited para sa bday mo. OO ako ang excited friend. LOL. makikita ulit natin sila geek!!! SOJU PARTY!!!!

  4. Happy birthday in advance! Haha ikaw na ang nagrerecommend ng lafez sa CDO! :)

    Are you calling me darling? Are you calling me bird?

  5. bakit parang mas na-excite ako sa kk rival na yan. hahaha

  6. nakakagutom. minsan gusto ko tuloy magluto ng sarili kong doughnut, haha, tipid kaya nun!

  7. @mac: go, uwi ka bilis! hehe

    @rei: thank you! :p

    @lee: weh? pupunta ka? magluluto ako laing 'pag pupunta ka! lol

    @jpy: dahil diyan, hindi ako magtatawag ng mga invitees. alam ko naman ikaw ang may gusto niyang gawain na iyan. haha

    @red: go! hehe

    @nyl: thank you! go to CDO! hehe

    @moi: true! must-try iyan pramis!

    @tgb: uy paano magluto ng doughnut?! hehe