Friday, June 21

Sunny Sunny Sunny

Rare instances I get drunk, you bet I'm at the beach. Summer 2013's no different.

Hotel's awesome. Poolside's heaven at night. Quite a walk to the beach but then I really enjoyed the trike trips to and fro. First night was THE night. Explicitly told friends rooming with me not to drink because I won't be able to take care of their drunk asses. It's my night... I'm the one getting drunk! Lol

So we went to this bar and I started loading on this blue drink. Adios Motherfucker. After 7 or 8 of those, yep, I was quite a goner... but at least I was a happy goner. Funny thing about me is that I'm a happy drunk. We hate sappy drunks, don't we? Lol. 

When I'm alcohol-laden, I tend to be my friendliest self... and God forgive me, I talk to everyone in maarte English, at least that's what witnesses say. But hey, I find it liberating being my happy drunk self: raising my glass to complete strangers, smiling to everyone I see, heck I remember swirling around a pole and talking to the guy smiling at that stunt I made. And I get all excited and giddy when I'm drunk. Lol

We were about to call it a night and was walking back to another section of the beach - everyone wanted to eat, I was too drunk to care. Lol - when another bar invited us in. So in we went! Haha. Found myself chatting up some middle-eastern guys and dancing with another gay guy and his fag hag. Friends thought I'd get hit or something by talking to random strangers but hey, everyone's happy right?! Lol. 

When they were already eating, I was apparently still talking in my maarte English and even pointed to a guy from another group saying: "He's the cutest guy in your group!" Boy was I drunk! Lol. I knew I was minutes to throwing up. I was that wasted. So we took a trike, went back to the hotel and as soon as the door opened, I freed up some blue stuff into the kitchen sink. My 2 roomies were asking if I was ok. Of course I was! Haha. And so they went on with their own business. I had to date the restroom for a bit more and yep, threw up some more. TMI, I know. Lol. When I got out of that date, saw the sun already up and my 2 ever-concerned roomies sound asleep... so much for looking out for me! Hahahaha

Back in Manila, I was in denial that I got drunk. Hey, I vividly remember what I did, and no lapses in judgment on my part, I swear! But when I saw pictures of me having that glowing blue tongue, I figured I really had one too many Motherfuckers.

Oh summer, I miss you in this rain.