Wednesday, October 20


A great part of me wishes that I could find a boyfriend who makes me feel as if I'm the only one who matters. Yes, it's selfish. Yes, it's irrational. But when you've always felt as if you're the least of priorities, that self-centered desire becomes all the more enticing. I mean I don't think I'm high maintenance and I don't think I'm demanding. Maybe that's it, I don't demand. That's why I can get moved to last. Everybody can never get cancelled... everybody except me.

My heartbreak story made me resolve to no longer ask for pittance. Ayoko na manlimos ng oras at panahon... simply because there's nothing more genuine than love that's freely given, time freely given.

No haggling.
No bargaining.
No arm-twisting.
No choices to be made between you and someone else...

Simply because you are the obvious choice.

But then on the flipside, why should my time depend on someone else's? If I can get cancelled and moved around just like that, then it only means that I should have a greater hand in determining how I spend my time. Breaking free from being a loser starts with deciding that I matter and that MY TIME rests on MY HANDS.

And for that, my birthday weekend is now officially booked. I expect gifts ha! Lol. I kid, I kid. There's no better present than your presence. Hallmark much? Haha :P

Weekend has arrived
Everybody's trying to find something to get into
My friends wanna go out
But I can't cancel my plans

Got a date with my baby
He's taking me out so I'm gonna catch up with you
Some other day, gotta go
Can't make him wait tonight

Have to make sure I'm looking hot
'Cause we're going to our favorite spot
'Til the morning we're gonna rock
Boy, you knock me up, yeah

My baby, doesn't matter what's going on or who's around us
All I see is you
Right now they're playing our song, the dance floor is ours
All I see is you

The DJ's got me feeling like I did
When I first met you
And there's nothing that can break us apart in two
All I see is you

- All I See, Kylie Minogue

Monday, October 18

The O-Soap

I don't have Ad Sense nor am I a Nuffnang member so this is an honest to goodness rave about a surprise of a product.

I love Oilatum!

I got hold of a sample a week or two ago and I immediately fell in love with it. Talk about vanity! Lol. Aside from drying up the bumps on my face in just a matter of two or three washes, what I love most about Oilatum is that I feel super clean after using it. It's like having a protective film over my skin! Yes, to me (n.b. my OC self), that is it's biggest selling point. And mind you, it's not the dried up squeaky clean feeling you get with ordinary soap. It's like a breathable plastic layer that makes you feel super uber really clean. Did I mention that it makes you feel super clean? Haha.

Basta! I love Oilatum. I wish it rains Oilatum, that way, I'll save up on vanity expenses. Lol. It's quite pricey by my standards at P150 a bar. But given that I don't have any other skin routine in line, it's worth definitely outweighs its cost.

Yey, to my first non-emo, non-sense, vanity-related post. Haha :P