Monday, October 18

The O-Soap

I don't have Ad Sense nor am I a Nuffnang member so this is an honest to goodness rave about a surprise of a product.

I love Oilatum!

I got hold of a sample a week or two ago and I immediately fell in love with it. Talk about vanity! Lol. Aside from drying up the bumps on my face in just a matter of two or three washes, what I love most about Oilatum is that I feel super clean after using it. It's like having a protective film over my skin! Yes, to me (n.b. my OC self), that is it's biggest selling point. And mind you, it's not the dried up squeaky clean feeling you get with ordinary soap. It's like a breathable plastic layer that makes you feel super uber really clean. Did I mention that it makes you feel super clean? Haha.

Basta! I love Oilatum. I wish it rains Oilatum, that way, I'll save up on vanity expenses. Lol. It's quite pricey by my standards at P150 a bar. But given that I don't have any other skin routine in line, it's worth definitely outweighs its cost.

Yey, to my first non-emo, non-sense, vanity-related post. Haha :P


  1. naks product endorser ka na!hahaha

  2. yey! hihi

    paano nakakakuha ng sample?? :)

  3. magkano ang binayad sa'yo ng oilatum? hahaha

  4. malilinis din ba nito ang mga budhi ng masasamang tao? no? kthnxbye. LOL

  5. nakikita ko ang ad ng soap na yan sa cr ah hmmm

  6. @mac: lol. pero di ba mac maganda naman talaga ang oilatum? hehe

    @nimmy: hanap tayo ng medrep from stiefel. 'pag nakakuha ako, bigyan kita! :P

    @lee: wala... pa. hahaha

    @jepoy: yep friend.may ganun? lol

    @xtian: bili na! lol