Thursday, September 22


I'm having a major slump at work.

Yesterday, I was in the office at around 7:30 am for a meeting that lasted just right before lunch time. And then after that was another meeting that ended at around 3:00 pm. And then another meeting that lasted until around 7:00 pm. Personally, I don't see meetings as "actual work" since they're primarily coordination and assignment of THE "actual work" so that means:


Worse is when people you meet with ramble on and on and on throwing their ideas here and there without actual regard for HOW we can actually do the job. Seriously, I'm tired of going into talk shops when there's "actual work" to be done! Perhaps it's a personal preference, after all these talk, I need resolutions as to the things we need to get done and how we can get those things done!

Worst is when you come back the following day coordinating another set of meetings (it's practically setting yourself up for another round of "tasks" you hate doing) and receiving a message that seemingly implies your supposed "slacking off" at work! Here I am spreading myself to almost every project you and your colleagues came up with - because modesty aside, no one in this office can make sense of you guys' thoughts other than me - and yet I receive a note saying you "need updates first and suggestions so that the meeting will be PRODUCTIVE!!!

Seriously?! The nerve to say that when you're one of those who ramble on and on during meetings without as much regard for final output and how to get there!!!

Sometimes people need to be pulled down from the heights of their "strategic" totem poles and refresh their minds with the need to EXECUTE. The tyranny of the "at our level," does lock up people in ivory towers.

That and the advocacies your profession's pushing for.

Such an irony! Such an irony indeed!


  1. Welcome to my world. In a reality replete with the condescending know-it-all self-righteousness of superiors, those of us who actually have to make sense of their inconvenient delegation strategies is exhaustively shelved into the backseat, underneath piles of itineraries untouched from all the planning meetings.

    They are exactly what they are, planning. Which means the more expedient the meeting is, the more time we can have to do actual work. Sometimes I'd like to talk back and assert how I could care less of their littoral smalltalk.

    One thing I've learned, working hard and efficient is non sequitur to getting a promotion, or a raise. It's been over 3 years, and I'm on the same spot.

    Relax ka lang. Ranting always helps. :)

  2. ima rant my head off with a resignation letter! arrghh!!!

  3. from project J to project R? hmm... exciting...


  4. Rant away, Darc. :) I have this theory that incompetent people plan meetings to escape from real work. lol

  5. @moi, mac, conio and nyl: thanks for dropping by (iyon lang nasabi ko kasi antagal ko bago makapag-reply. deads. lol)