Tuesday, August 23


For the past couple of weeks, I've been seriously toying with the idea of being gwapo. I mean, I really really want to be gwapo. Yes it's superficial but I don't know, it must be the stars and the weather that finally put me in this state. I guess I've grown quite tired of my existential rants and heartaches that I've reached that point when all my energies churn out thoughts and desires to be gwapo.

And yesterday was the final nail in the coffin.

As usual, I was the glorified secretary in my bosses' meeting yesterday. One of them was a young lawyer whom I found out to be just 35 years old. He's a bar topnotcher, working for one of the better-known firms in the country, a family guy with 2 kids. He's really really nice and yes, he is gwapo. Hay, he's perfect, nakakainis. Lol.

And while I was in the elevator making my way down the lobby, there was another young lawyer who was again, gwapo. Nakakainis na talaga!

I don't really consider this as reverting to a shallow mindset... because in the first place, I really am shallow. I mean I like Paris "even though the guys are crazy, even though the stars are blind" Hilton, what say you? Lol.

But then this might just be me displacing my desire to be in a better place. From missed and missing opportunities to looks. Envy can be such a drag.

Lots of guys out there who are young, successful and gwapo. Why do they have everything all at once?! Kainis!


  1. looking good is a state of mind, of course you can be gwapo. :)

    some guys who are gwapo are just making up for their small penises.

  2. Ahaha your not shallow naman.. when you have the guts to say stuff most people will not dare to admit.

    I-enjoy lang ang mga gwapo.. hehe

  3. Remember this. You're conception of "gwapo" is not like everyone else.' You may not know this, but there are people out there who'd consider you "gwapo," just the way you are.

  4. being 'gwapo' isn't always physical. if you're confident, you can exude 'gwapo'.


  5. oy gwapo ka naman a!

    and yeah unfair minsan ang mundo hahaha~

  6. everybody is guapo in our own way, u should not worry but instead take time to find and flaunt the guaponess in u

  7. NKKLK!! ilalabas ko na talaga ang inventory sheet ng mga nagsasabing gwapo ka LOL

  8. ay, may blog ka pala? hahaha


  9. confidence is gwapo. Charms is gwapo.
    Wit is gwapo.

    Marami nga dyang sa mukha pa lang gwapo. Pero sa mukha lang pala gwapo.

    You are gwapo in your own way. You just need to not focus on other gwapos out there.

  10. @puzzie: natawa naman ako dun sa gwapo as a front. hehe

    @dabo and greenbreaker: sige, i-enjoy na lang nga ang mga gwapo :)

    @red, engel and conio: so state of mind lang talaga? sana pwedeng totoo rin at the same time. hehe

    @mac: di ba, unfair? hay. hehe

    @jpydee: weh? lol

    @moi: che, alam mo namang i'm busy with school and "other" stuff. haha

  11. If it makes you feel better, I like Paris too. ;)

    I read somewhere that if there's a part of you're life that you don't like or it's making you feel unhappy about yourself then you should stop living that part. What motivated you to the whole "gwapo" thing? That should be rather interesting. :)

  12. you are gwapo.. mindset lang yan eh heheheh

    PS napadaan lang :)