Thursday, August 30

Busy Bug

Nanay thought that it would help so she gave me a copy of "The Purpose Driven Life" a couple of days after my ex dumped me. Breezed through it and surprise surprise, I made the major mistake of getting back with my ex. Christ-like love was what the book was about and I erroneously thought that it meant sticking it out even if he already chose some other guy over me. But that aside - and I've learned since that you have to take care of yourself first so that you could do more good - one of the lessons I've kept from that book is the notion of time, of giving it, of investing it.

Simply put, "being there with you in 'spirit'" is a major fallacy. When you say you love someone, you make them feel important, and that importance is felt only by giving them your time. Lip service = a major no no. Notice the age old family rant of parents being good providers but not being able to spend time with their kids? There you go. It's about walking the talk, of putting your money where your mouth is, and some other cliche about meaning what you say.

Oh and speaking of cliches, actions speak louder than words. Haha

Busy not to attend to you but able to do other things. Yeah right, busy. It's really a matter of choice. And again, you were the lesser - sometimes least - priority.


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