Friday, December 25

In 2009, I learned...

1. That sex is overrated. I’d rather give and receive big tight hugs!
2. That not all corporate big shots are too high to be inaccessible.
3. That I don't want to get promoted... just yet.
4. That an unexpected compliment can make my day… heck, my week!
5. That I’m better at standing up for others than standing up for myself.
6. That I’m better off single.
7. That health really is wealth.
8. That no amount of money can compensate for peace of mind.
9. That life can be snuffed out
10. That at 25, I still don’t know what I want to do with my life.
11. That I’m not immune to envy.
12. That depression is real.
13. That there are a lot of great bloggers out there… making me realize how flimsy my reasons are for falling in love.
14. That I can’t and won’t always do the right thing.
15. That people almost always live secret lives.

It was quite a fun year. Novelty trumps out all bad feelings! ;D


  1. madami dami yan Darc ah, well it's a good thing that we learn. Araw araw naman is a learning experience dba? :)

  2. lemme hug you...<*yapos ng sobrang higpit*>

    at 25, i still don't know what to are not alone po

    we share the same sentiments

  3. 10. i think we'll never know what we want until we get it. at 27 I still don't know what i want.

  4. naku xtian ibig sabihin next year 365 days of learning na naman? nakakapagod ata. hehe
    @ad: hugs back! :)
    are you really closing your blog engel? :(

  5. number 13. ergo shortlisting themsakes to bloggers? :)

  6. @ash: as much as i wish not to, ganoon ata ang nangyayari. haha