Wednesday, January 20

I'm Metal Mouth

No more.

When I dropped by my dentist for the routine adjustment last week, I was expecting my braces to be ligated and stay as such for another six months. But surprise surprise, she told me that I could already have it removed so long as I religiously wear my retainers. That made my day.

Now, my teeth hurt much like the first day I had my braces on. My gums are mush and these retainers are irritating as hell. Add to that my new-found Coco Martin speech which Ms. Dentist said would normalize in a week or two.

But then you got to do, what you got to do. And I'm just happy to be free of yet another "thing." I wonder what's next? The only problem is I feel less geeky. I think I should get thick-rimmed glasses to bring back my nerdy self.

On other news, I had Journalism 101 of sorts from an editor of a major daily. She was helping us out on a book project and when I asked her if she enjoyed writing, she went on with a lecture on how she arrived at what she's doing and how ethics is a must for journalists. Two things she mentioned struck me most.

One. Finishing her masters in France didn't do anything to improve her writing. For her, higher studies was more for personal improvement rather than to hone her craft.

Two. If a person gets reprimanded for doing wrong yet continues to do it over and over again, it's either of two things: he's plain stupid or he has a hidden agenda.

But what if you're both? Spell love, anyone?


  1. the hidden agenda part got me thinking..
    yung parang nananadya ba?
    hmmmm. i'll ponder on that.

  2. i want to be in france too.

    kikiligin na ba dapat ako?

  3. yep, paci, i think that's what she meant.

    yey to francophiles! nope andrei, wala akong lovelife. zero zero zero. hehe

  4. from retainers to love. somoething smells here. =)

  5. ugh! kakainggit ka. i still a few more months before my braces will be removed.

    so, how does it feel to be free? hehehe

  6. Coco Martin speech is LOL. But he's cute! Hahahaha. Sorry for that. :))

  7. ako naman magpapa brace sa lower teeth ko, pero pinag iisipan ko pa hehe

  8. @Mandaya Moore: parang teacher lang. hehe. hala, another blog god. i'm not worthy...

    @lee: masakit! lol. pero now i can finally gain weight! hehe

  9. @pau: sana pati cuteness ni Coco Martin kasama but no, I have to suffer his speech lang. lol

    @xtian: naku papayat ka niyan. hope you're doing better! :)

  10. "new-found Coco Martin speech"

    This made me laugh.

    And the person who doesn't listen might just be plain stubborn, or has other priorities in mind. Probably this is me, confessing.

  11. lol @ manech.
    but seriously, even your comments are lyrical. ang-galing :)

  12. i enjoyed reading you