Thursday, January 14


I did it and I'm happy to report that I am A-Ok!

I opened my ex's blog and read through each entry. God, what my friends told me were true. He did want to kill me. Imagine, he even wrote something like "I wanna stab a blade through him. Right now, I can hear his bones crunch!" Psycho-much? Good thing I had the sense to run away from him the moment I sobered up.

He found someone new a week or two after we broke up. "Never felt this loved," he wrote. Good for him, I thought. But then he's again single. He was the one who broke up with the new guy. The nerve! Paging anonymous, he was the one who broke up with my replacement. What can you say huh?!

He'd be leaving for his PhD abroad. Again, good for him. I don't know if I told him this before but I made plans. If and when he gets a grant for his PhD, I too would apply for a sholarship myself and follow him wherever he'd go. So much for romantic journeys. Ugh, I cringe.

On a more serious note, I dived into that relationship against my friends' advice simply because I fell for his writing. The honesty. The vulnerability. And there I was, armed with my Messianic complex. I'd comfort you. Take care of you. And that whole comforting and caring lasted for more or less three years. Until I can no longer stand the fact that he kept hanging on to an unrequited love which kept on resurrecting in random guys he came across with. Yep, no touching, no infidelity. Just some serious emotional blackmail.

Note to self: save yourself first!

And what I wrote before stands true. I clicked on the comments section. Darc as minced-meat. Someone even wrote: "Do yourself a favor and stay clear of people who cause you nothing but hurt." Again, paging anonymous, what say you?

But yeah, I guess I've moved on. I got choked when I typed his address and there was a gnawing feeling as the page uploaded one text at a time. But then it must have been the anticipation. The feeling of loneliness and hurt? Didn't bite me at all.

And I have my cybercelebrities to thank for it. In my lowest of lows, at a time when I thought I'd never find someone else who can move me, your words gave me a familiar sense of honesty and vulnerability. And that was way before I opened up this little corner in the blogosphere. Yep, to my original seven, I've been stalking you since early last year! Hehe.

And so as I celebrate this rather happy event, here's a little secret on how I landed on your pages.

One of my bosses is a blogger. On his list of links, I saw Aris, E, Misterhubs, and Badinggerzie. From there, I clicked on Tristan and Mugen. From Mugen, I saw Rain Darwin and Lukayo. I also got hooked on Turismoboi until he shut down his space. The rest, I crossed paths with when I already had this little thing set up. But I'd have to say, I am awed by the talent circling on this side of the blogosphere. Hopping from one post to another, I can't help but be touched by the stories and insights everyone has to offer. So with much appreciation. I thank you guys for your generosity.

And oh, my original cybercrush still stands and he is...


  1. One blog you came across was a story of a promising romance only to turn into a nightmare. I wonder how he would feel if the dreams he set in his relationship would turn into an irreconcilable error many years after.

    We learn from blog space. :)

  2. Awww! Touched naman ako. I am happy that in my own little way, I was able to comfort you. Salamat sa affirmation na makabuluhan pala ang ginagawa ko. :)

  3. :) ako din dami nakukuha dito sa blogosphere

  4. who is your original cybercrush???

  5. just want to confirm, there's no bitterness in this post?! =P

    spill your cybercrush darc!!!

  6. "...and he is..." waaaahhh nambibitin ka naman =D

    the things that we get and learn from the blogosphere - the best!

    and it's good to hear that you are now A-ok! =D

  7. buti na lang alam ko kung sino ang cybercrush mo


    bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan at magreact, sa mata ng langit at mata ng tao..GUILTY!



  8. @ galen: but i say keep on dreaming. even if they turn out to be errors, for sure there will always be second chances :)
    @ aris: i die. i am starstruck. lol
    @ xtian: yep, and i've learned a lot from you too. sana you make a decision na because i know you deserve better :)

  9. @ doc archie: nahihiya ako sa iyo. you might want to vomit na naman eh. hehe
    @ engel: no bitterness here... but a lot of cringing :p
    @ lee: thanks thanks!!!
    @ erick: noooo!!! alam mo right now, i can "hear your bones crunch!" hahaha

  10. that's a good thing to hear! cheers!

  11. ohmy... could it really be?
    how many times can I die in a day?
    the power of a single word and a smiley.

    Tristan, if you leave a comment on this post, I'm gonna die for real.
    Now the only problem is how to get Boy du Jour to drop by. hehe

    ohmy, hindi ako maka-get over. i can't believe i'm writing this one down.

    thank you misterhubs for dropping by.

    i die. i die. i die.

  12. thanks dabo. here's to moving on! :)

  13. thanks for visiting! xlinks?

  14. thanks!added you also on my list. :)

  15. merong mga mambabasa na kung malungkot ang mga pangyayari sa blog mo, icocomfort ka nila. (kunyari). tapos pag masaya ka na, kukuntrahin ka na. (mga adik!). oh well. parang sa totoong buhay lang din.

  16. Note to self: save yourself first! --> this is very very nice. good thing you did!

  17. @ boying: hala, parang may galit sa comment mo. ano po problema?
    @ paci: yep, good thing i did! :)

  18. Wow! Grabe naman ang pagka-psycho nung line sa blog ng ex mo. hehehe. Im not judging him - just the line nung entry. hehehe

  19. ay naku please do judge him! lol

  20. Well this just shows how better off you are without him... :-)

  21. so crush mo si Misterhubs at si Tristan... hmmm two bloggers close to my heart. HAHAHAHA

  22. i couldn't make it past that stabbing thing and those bones crunching.

    oh well, clearly it's his loss not yours.