Monday, April 4

Closet K...

I was feeling down a couple of days ago. I was slumped on our sofa-bed, uninterested as I flipped from channel to channel. With me was my older brother, both parents and our sister were busy with their respective affairs outside. Around 7:00pm, Nanay arrived home and said, "Sale ang Home World sa Megatrade." I replied, "Hanggang 12:00am ang mall!"

If other people like spending on gadgets or clothes, I on the other hand throw away any semblance of a savings plan when it comes to "home" stuff. I remember emptying my then - and still - almost-non-existent savings account just to buy a sofa-bed, a shoe cabinet, a dresser, and a closet. That's when we moved houses a year back. Occassionally, I'd buy some doormats, bathroom mats, and oh, don't get me started with curtains. There was even a time when I asked Nanay to come with me to Divisoria just so we could buy fabric for curtains! I really don't know, I get all excited with furniture and things to keep organized. Boxes! And envelopes and racks! Haha, it's my OC-ness getting a domesticated twist.

Recently, in spite of my not so green thumb, I've taken an interest to gardening. I asked for some ferns from a friend and bought a plant box and some coconut husks to keep them in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'd survive, brushing aside my recent history of lavender and mint plants dying on me. And yep, aside from the department store's "home" section, I also love the hardware store. I like looking around for lighting fixtures, floor tiles, and bathroom accessories! Shower heads, faucets, and all that jazz! Haha, I'm such a handyman dork.

Anyway, going back to Nanay's sale announcement, we waited for Tatay to arrive so that we'd have someone drive us (Yes, at 26, I still don't know how to drive. Come to think of it, the money I spent on that sale would've been my driving school money!). I ended up buying two chairs for my humble dining table and a single burner stove to replace our old one. Tatay fancied the one-hand pepper crusher, so we ended up buying that one too. Haha. But seriously, if I had it my way, I would've bought an induction stove instead. That has been my dream for a while now. Haha. Crazy, a lot of people fancy a new iPad, I dream of having an induction stove complete with a full range of iron pots and pans! Haha

Anyway, here are the new additions to my "cutesy" dining set. I just have to re-varnish the table to a darker shade and patch some areas with wood putty. There's a sort-of-furniture shop near our place and Tatay asked someone to take a look at the table and the work that I "wanted" to get done. Needless to say, we didn't meet eye-to-eye with Kuya Karpintero. I had to restrain myself from quipping, "Eh ano na lang ang trabahong madali?!" when Kuya Karpintero said that "mahihirapan akong mag-masilya noong lamesa." Seriously? I know I'm far from the engineer/technical guy that my grade school/high school tried to make out of us but I've had my share of wood work, metal work and electrical what-not. I have a closet-karpintero in me, that's for sure. Anyway, "home" stuff make me incoherent. I blab on and on. Haha

P.S. Geek and [g], para sa inyo talaga ang pagbili ko ng bagong upuan. So sabihan niyo ako kung dadaan kayo sa bahay this weekend. I prefer Sunday night, bow. Lol


  1. nice ang chairs!!!

    friend, nakabili ka na din pala ng pepper mill. hahaha :)

  2. Uy! Geek and [g] are visiting? Didn't know. Do send my warmest regards to them. :)

    I would have to agree with your fixation on home furnishings. I too have this predilection of continually improving and redesigning our living spaces. Maybe its my anal-retentive nature, or the artist in me, but I believe that a good living room set trumps a new cellphone any day.

  3. parang nahiya ako bigla naumupo sa bago mong 'couple chairs'. hahaha


  4. @jpy: yep, si tatay kasi. hehe

    @red: haha, yep, sofa set before phones!

    @geek: nakakahiya talaga. haha :P

  5. Hey, Darc.

    Any suggestion how to get rid of the sour/acidic smell of cabinet? Tried charcoal but didn't work. Antagal na ng cabinet pero ayaw pa din matanggal ng amoy.

  6. hmmm, hindi nag-work ang charcoal. this one i haven't tried but you could put some vinegar in a bowl and let it sit, i think it removes the paint/varnish smell as well... not sure nga lang if the vinegar would smell too. nyehe :p