Monday, April 18

Sweet Dream or...

I've been having semi-nightmares two days in a row. And as with most dreams, I faintly remember the details, but not the "bad" feeling after. First night, I remember opening my eyes and seeing a void. It was black all over. No varying shades of darkness, just black. And then last night, I remember being trapped on a floor of an abandoned building. There was a real sense of fear... of what, I can no longer remember. But you know what I do recall? That building having no walls then "growing" those capiz windows of old Spanish-era houses. They start from the regular size we always see and then they spread out to form whole panels of walls. Think Japanese houses with paper wall divisions. The capiz colonies were just like that, translucent, emitting an amber glow.

On other news, it's time for a little morbidity. When I die, I want everyone to come in white. I want to be burned with my ashes in front of my cutesy surfing picture blown up in a large tarp. Sure, I want emo-moments from those I'll be leaving behind. But I want them to be happy emo-moments. And play Pink's "Raise Your Glass" as my farewall song. That would be awesome!

God willing, these things won't be carried out anytime soon... that I'm sure of :P



Day 3 semi-nightmare involved finding myself and my brother in a three story shanty crumbling down to the ground. So much for a three-night streak.


  1. tutal kanta naman ni Pink ang kanta... keri lang ba na ang isuot ko ay yung suot ni Pink sa Grammy's nung pinerform nya ung Glitter In The Air? white naman un teh. :)

  2. dapat may matching performance! :P