Thursday, June 17

Cracking Dawn

The sky was struggling to find light when I arrived at his dorm. In my right hand was a java frap as he told me to bring, in my heart a weary pounding of anticipation.

We talked... or better yet, I talked. No. I pleaded.

And then I cried, unmindful of the slowly awakening morning, unmindful of the watchful eyes that saw mine well up.

We moved to the oval as joggers and families bustled into the place. Again, I teared up while all he did was... stare.

And just as the heaven's planned, I was a joke to him and an amusement to all.

I stood up, crumpled my jacket and walked away... hitting every lamp post as I took in the stares of a morning I shall remember.

Yes friend, I did cry in public... more than you know, more than I try to forget.


  1. ouch. tahan na kuya darc. mas malakas ka pa jan sa pinagdadaanan mo. im sure you'll still find reason to smile again. and i hope i made you smile. cheer up! God bless you...

  2. halika nga dito
    *big huggggggg*

  3. Drama queen. Hahaha. Lika dito Darc, hug kita.

  4. is this a recent event? wow, you must love him still. I feel for you.

  5. Lalake lang yan. Be strong.

  6. just been there. noticed they just always almost don't say anything.

    *power himas and tap sa likod.

  7. my turn to say...

    weh? di nga? hahaha

    (nonsense comment. L.I. is still missing! hahaha)

  8. @Lloyd-REY: seriously, akala ko ako iyong nasa avatar pic mo. hahaha. i have a new twin :P

    @nimmy: hugs back!

    @miggy: akap back!

    @tristan: hindi kaya boss. ikaw kaya iyon. lol. hugs much!

  9. @anon: hindi naman recent and i sooo don't love him still. lol :P

    @felipe: opo sir, lalake lang sila. i'm a supergirl :)

    @alterjon: aw, i promise you, things will get better... you just have to be patient :)

    @orallyours: hugs back!

    @moi: ewan ko sa iyo. dahil lang in-love ka wala na ang mga LI. ahahahaha :P

  10. anong kalokohan 'to? bat madrama na naman? hindi ka nagkukwento. che! lols

  11. OW...nagulat naman ako :) so kung ikaw si Darc, ako si Light! Twin bro! ^^

  12. hindi ako pwede mag-comment sa mga ganitong uri ng post.

    but you'll be fine. i hope everyone will be fine.

  13. @Lloyd: lol

    @dabo... or david: hmmm, bakit hindi pwede? i am soooper ok :)

  14. Di mo na sya mahal? weh? bakit me bago ka na ba? :P

  15. ngayon nga lang ata ako nagmahal. but that's another post. ahahahaha. chismis. lol