Monday, August 16


Find the resolve to fight it.
Do not weigh. Do not keep score.
Open your hands.
To stories told before you crashed in.
It's useless, you know it is.
Shake it off.
And enjoy the blessing that is now.

I think we've been here before
I recognize this place
I've seen the marks of confusion
Wipe out a single sign of grace
And I don't want to play anymore
Not when the stakes are so high
So before we circle round once more
I'm gonna lay down,
Lay down my pride

Let it go, let it be
Don't waste all your emotion on this
Tit-for-tat machine
Let it go, let it be
Let it go

I turn on the TV
And it screams out at me
Nothing seems to have changed
Since the start of Adam and Eve
So we're waiting for the sky to fall
And we're buying brand new toys
But before we circle round once more
Can we lay down
Just lay down this pride

Let it go, let it be
Don't waste all your emotion on this
Tit-for-tat machine
Let it go, let it be
Let it go
Don't go wasting your emotions
No one wins if we keep score
Let it go, let it be
Let it go

Let It Go, Corinne May


  1. Ooh, someone wrote something about Corinne May a few days ago. I personally love On The Side of Me. It's a sweet song with a nice melody.

    This one, however, is new to me. *googling*

    It seems a little conflicted to me. It's a strange mix of hopefulness and giving up. I hope you have less of the latter and more of the former.

    Cheers, Mr. Diarist! :}

  2. We let it go and let it be :P

    Try Vienna Teng and Joanna Wang too. Tama ba mga names na binibigay ko? I'm getting all mixed up with these asian jazz people. lol

  3. Oooh! I haven't listened to Vienna but Joanna's cover of New York State of Mind brought tears to my eyes.

    Last time it was Norah Jones. Now it's the Asian Jazz Trifecta. Is there something we need to talk about? *tito boy mode*

  4. no chismis so far naman tito city_BuOY. but sure, let's have coffee or something soon. lol :P

  5. ehhehe Aja ng Steely Dan ang knows ko...:)

  6. ay hindi ko alam iyon. googling. hehe :P

  7. just Lovers in Paris.

    Aja! Aja!

    BTW. Screw liars? lol

  8. Makikisali ako sa usapan niyo ni Citybuoy ha.

    Not familiar with Joanna, but Vienna Teng's Harbor has been a prozac years ago. :D

  9. lol @ alterjon. oo nga, that was really funny, orallyours calling you out on that one. screw liars daw. lol

    @manech: heya, it's the asian jazzfest. hehe :P