Thursday, August 26

Evolving Darc

When I was a kid, I thought invisibility was such an awesome superpower. In a way, anonymity gave you freedom. After all, the most potent things are often those unseen.

Psst, kung magiging superhero ka, sino gusto mo maging?

And then I grew up a bit. I envied Storm. If I had her powers then everyday will be sunshine. No overcast horizons, no gushing winds to trip me off. I yearned for predictability, stability that made you feel secure. I feared no sudden drizzle. No sudden storms to cloud my day.

Ako dati si Superman para makalipad. Pero sawa na ako kay SuperMan, BatMan, gusto ko ngayon...

Weathering quite a handful, you grow up a little bit more. And then you realize that to take flight equates to taking risks. And the most heroic thing you could possibly do is to live for another, to risk for another.

I'm YourMan, KailanMan, NaMan!*

*Texts from a stranger :)


  1. either invisibility or teleportation, yun ang pinagpilian kong power noon.

    tapos dumating ang mga pokemon.

    paci, i choose you. toink! =)

  2. lol ambilis ha. o kaya avatar na lang, i wanna be an airbender too :P

  3. What's with Storm and PLUs? LOL. Ako lang ba may gusto kay Angel? I mean yung power niya. Haha.

    Seriously, even without such powers we can still be heroes. :) Everyday, everyone is need of rescuing. We just have to look intently and listen carefully.

  4. yay love team. hahaha. yiheee :P

  5. gusto ko din si Storm.

    ano ba yan? nakakahiyang magcomment ng nonsense. LOL

  6. che ka. si mak kasi eh pasimuno. haha

  7. Ngayon ko lang napansin yung description sa banner. nangiti ako. hehe.

    I could play the hero-part, that is - if someone would hire me.

    "Put your heart, in my hand, You'll be safe here..."

  8. yey, nangiti. hehe

    parang mang jose naman iyon, if someone would hire me :P

  9. winner! najoke ko na agad sa roommate ko. haha

  10. mine has always been flight eh. pero gusto ko yung text na yan ha.