Wednesday, June 8


1. Chest x-ray
2. Blood pressure
3. Pulse rate
4. Routine lab tests
5. Dental check-up
6. Visual acuity

And then came the weigh in...

"Sir, ang-gaang niyo," the nurse quipped after adjusting the scale a couple of times to a lower bar.

And then the physical check-up...

"You're generally ok although I'd recommend that you see an ophthalmologist for your eyes. It's great that you don't smoke and occasional drinking is actually good for your health. Your heartbeat's ok too; it's slow much like that of an athlete's (Darc blushes) and should you wish to add on weight, your max would probably be around 130 lbs. You're trying to lean up right?"

I replied with a half-hearted, "Ok."

What can I do, I have weight issues. Hehe


  1. bawal kasi ang tumaba sabi ni Madame Araneta. hahahahaha

  2. @tristan: lol :P

    @jpy: che ka!!!

    @jason: yes, that's why i already love that place. kung anu-ano sinasabi ng medical staff. haha