Monday, June 13

Missed Call

Question, how do you save the numbers of people you meet online? I mean, what name do you save in your phonebooks? Do you type in their online pseudonyms with a tag "Blogger" before them? Or perhaps you use their real names?

I guess it's because I'm a little OC that I prefer having people's full names in my phonebook. Plus it's a personal preference that I be called my own name. If truth be told, I kinda cringe when people call me Darc even after we've personally met. I cringe big time! Lol

And I recall an online/offline friend who told me before that I've "levelled up" since he already saved my number under my real name in his phonebook. And that made me think, is the way we save people's numbers reflective of the level of closeness or intimacy we have with that person? Seems to me there is a real online/offline divide that needs to be transcended and that requires a substantial degree of trust and shared offline experience.

What do you think? More importantly, how is my number saved in your phonebooks? Lol


  1. Of course, your real name ang nakasave sa phonebook ko, Shamcey Supsop. Ganyan. LOL

    -si Zarah nga pala ito friend. bwahahaha

  2. kung san ko sila mabilis na maaalala hehe, like kung ikaw ise save ko sa phonebook ko, i'll put a name DARC hahaha

  3. booo!!! lol

    i all the more appreciate people who make the effort to remember me by my real name. hmp! :P

  4. Darc name mo sa akin. Dun kita kilala eh.

  5. i'm like your friend, impersonal name at the start (sometimes with "blogger" attached) then eventualy I'll use your real name in full. the closest peeps to me appear with just the first name or their nick in my phone, but i'm getting ahead, the real question is, can I have your number? LOL

  6. Ewan ko pero for me, I use the real name. I just put "blogger" kung di ko alam yung last names. In cases na may screen name ang blogger, I still put the real name.

    so ayun, I have your real name sa phonebook ko. haha yun nga lang, ang disorganized na ng phonebook ko. There's no way to identify who I met online, sa office, etc.