Thursday, June 2

Second Best

I was surfing Youtube, hopping from one video to another when I finally landed on John Legend's Vevo page and clicked on "Everybody Knows." I like this song, that's a given. But what caught my attention was the highest rated comment found just below the video. It says:

I remember dancing this song with my girlfriend at her graduation 2 years ago....... We are now seperated...The thing is.....I still love her with all my heart....even more than my current gf.... Take my advice and enjoy your time with your special someone because nobody really knows.... :(


  1. 'Cause when I'm with him I am thinking of you...

    is cheating :(

  2. same fear here kuya darc :) bilang "I've been there,done that" din ang eksena. :(

  3. i love that song! it was one of my "moving on" songs before eh.

    there will always be someone out there that's meant to be with you. just be patient. dont look for it for as it will smack you right in your face when you really are ready again to be in love.

    Gaspard :D

  4. @kikit: sad noh? :(

    @_yehosua_: pero do not fear being in love. just jump in! make sure nga lang na the guy will be worth the heartbreak! :)

    @insc: sad di ba?

    @gaspard: true, you never get to choose the time and the person :)

  5. "I'd rather be single, unattached and free to live my life than have someone who sort of thinks of me as a mean-time boy."--- ditto!:)