Monday, December 26

Holiday Loot

I have a very low EQ. Give me a gift and I'll unwrap it as soon as you hand it to me. Perhaps it's because I'm not used to receiving stuff or maybe it's because I'm just naturally impatient... or OC that I want to quickly see how my new "acquisitions" fit into "my life." All the same, this year was really fun because I received quite a handful. Hehe

I love boxer briefs and some were thoughtful enough to give me some. Lol.

I was really really really happy to receive this huge bottle of Physiogel from a colleague. Remember my love affair with O? 'Nuff said. Lol

And the vanity continues... Hehe

But what really got me all excited were the things I bought with my - erm, now my nanay's - bonus. Item number 1... a travel toothbrush. Haha

Item number 2... a new lunchbox! Seriously, I had to convince nanay to buy me this. I was all smiles when I opened it and saw two "compartments" inside! Nakakaiyak! Haha

And one of our bosses gave us new one-peso coins for doing an awesome job with the Christmas party presentations. Lol

I also rallied the family to clean up yesterday. Yes, our Christmas was spent cleaning the house, thanks to me! Haha. Found this clutchbag I gave tatay for his birthday a couple of years ago. It's still unused! Finders keepers. Hehe. I just swapped it with some new car mats for him. Lol

And after working for around 7 years, I finally gifted myself with a savings account. Thank you Lord for the means to open one. God really provides. He does make ways.

In other news, a lot of establishments have been mushrooming around Antipolo lately. Yesterday, I saw a mini-mall right outside the church with a Starbucks branch. Yardstick of progress much? But the kasuys and sumans and kalamays still line up the plaza though! :)

Anyhow, thank you to everyone who remembered. Some of the gifts are now neatly lined on my office desk or were much enjoyed by my and my family's tummies. Hehe

Here's too 2011!
Let's go 2012! End of the world! Joke. Hehe



  1. i did not know where to send my Christmas gift... merry Christmas Darc. :)

  2. sana man lang suot suot yun boxer brief saka pinicturan!hahaha

    merry xmass!

  3. @nubadi: please send it to... haha. merry christmas! :)

    @mac: ay, hindi ko ata kaya iyon. hehe. merry christmas! :)

  4. i love the boxer briefs! haha..

    happy holidays, Darc D.. :)

  5. happy holidays mr. green breaker! :D
    - darc