Friday, January 6


The nightmare of valid IDs has haunted me for quite a while already. For the longest time, I relied on my school ID and from time to time, my passport. Needless to say, a lot of transactions require you to present at least two government-issued IDs and so when my passport expired, I resolved to get as many IDs as I could possibly get.

Right before the year ended, I went on a mini-ID spree.

First stop was passport renewal. Toiletots has a more detailed account - complete with DFA links and whatnot - on this so better to just read him up. But I totally agree with him that the DFA did great on this one. My sked was 8:00 am and they require people to be there at least 30 minutes before. I got to the DFA Aseana Office at around 7:15 am and they opened counters at around 7:20 am! I was done by 8:10 am considering that there were probably about a hundred or so people before me. What's best, I think, is that everything's so transparent and streamlined. No red tape at all here. It was really awesome.

Next, I headed to the SSS for an ID. Sadly, they just had one counter processing ALL transactions and needless to say, waiting time was long and tedious. I visited a field office, by the way. For an SSS ID, just fill out the form online, print it and have it processed in a branch with image capture facility. First time applications are free of charge and they'll mail your ID to the address you noted.

Incidentally, when I was on my home, I passed by an LTO field office. And so I decided to apply for a student permit. Yes, at age 27, I still don't know how to drive. Lol. Process is again quite easy: fill out the form, have it processed, wait for them to call you for image and signature capture, wait for them to call you to the cashier for payment and again, wait for your name to be called in the releasing section. (Funny thing about this is that in the afternoon, I got a text message from an unknown number. The message said hi and I replied back, who's this? The reply said, she's the girl who released my SP. I asked, SP? Apparently, that's Student Permit. Cringe! A girl took my number!!! But all that vomit-inducing feeling washed away when she finally made mention of her being an agent of USANA. So there, all's well! Buti na lang kasi when I saw her making in LTO, the first thing that crossed my mind was: wow, matangkad and payat, pwedeng mag-pageant... sana lang maganda! Lol.)

Prior to this ID-field day, I had a postal ID processed. Ask your neighborhood postman about this. He'll gladly process everything for you... of course for a fee, which to my mind is worth all the hassle! I remember just giving three 2x2 ID pictures and P450 for all the fees - postal, notarial, etc. The postman delivered the ID after a day or two!

My only concern right now is my TIN card. Apparently, my records are not yet updated. I first secured my TIN ages ago when I first applied for a student permit to drive and the BIR issues TIN cards only to those employed or already paying taxes. After the office updates my records, I'd probably have to go back to the BIR field office near our place. But again, the process is very simple: you approach a counter, present an ID with your TIN stated in it and they'll print you a card.

So far that's that. I'm just waiting for everything to be delivered: my passport to the office and my SSS ID to our home address.

And yey for getting through this post. Hope it didn't bore you to death. Lol



  1. Someday, Darc, the microchip implanted under our skin will do away with the need for all thee cumbersome IDs.

    All the better for Big Brother to watch you >:D

  2. i sure will give em guys a good show. lol. 1984 ftw! hehe