Monday, January 16

Me on TV?

My first job was with government: contract work, low-paying, no benefits. But in that more or less year and a half stint, I was able to expose myself to a host of learning opportunities. The office was kind, that way. My boss even recruited me into a program sponsored by a think-tank in Hawaii wherein they gather "up-and-coming" analysts the world over to well, analyze things. Lol.

Yeah, I was "up-and-coming" and I was a "young leader." My only beef was that I didn't want to be one. There was something about analyzing things and talking about them that just didn't cut it for me. Being an armchair analyst was frustrating. All recommendatory, nothing much done.

And so I decided to shift gears and that's how I ended up where I'm at.

Last week, I was surfing channels when I came across Al Jazeera and thought I saw a familiar face. Here was a Taiwanese guy talking about their elections and the overall security environment in the region especially vis-a-vis China. That familiar guy, could it be Rocky? It might be Rocky or I could be wrong. I mean, the guy's over a cable news channel, taken in as an expert! Seriously, it can't be him... but then again, he's talking Taiwan stuff and that square jaw, sleeked back hair and barely there glasses are all too familiar!

I waited for about ten more minutes, listening in, trying hard to find clues as to this guy's identity and then there it was: "As Rocky mentioned...." One of the other guests referenced him. Yep, it was him alright.

I'm not one to live in regrets and much as I still haven't doused that nagging I-could-be-great-but-why-am-I-stuck-here feeling, I'm finally feeling my inner self settle. But then again, I wonder how it feels rambling over cable news... international superstardom anyone? Lol


  1. We sometimes wonder about the paths we didn't take, Darc. Then hopefully, we remember why we didn't take them in the first place, and be at peace.

    But no matter how happy or content we are at present, I think we'll always be wondering about the "what ifs."

  2. i know how frustrating it is. but i haven't lost hope. there are many hard working people in government. isa isa nang namamatay/nagreretire yung mga nasanay sa istruktura. still, i wonder kung ano ba ang buhay kung tindero ako ng boardshorts sa bora :) (dumadaan pero ngayon lang nagcomment)

  3. @rudeboy: "Then hopefully, we remember why we didn't take them in the first place, and be at peace." True that! hehe

    @mikel: mas gusto ko rin ang magtinda ng boardshorts sa beach! lol

    - darc