Monday, January 9

Give Me Bags!!!

WHEN: 15 January 2012, Sunday
TIME: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
WHERE: Sunken Garden, UP Diliman

1. Friends, please rummage your closets for old bags. I'm sure you have some to spare.

2. I'm also sure you received bags and office supplies as corporate giveaways last Christmas. This is a great way to re-gift!

3. And think of how many pads of paper or notebooks a hundred pesos can buy. Just a hundred pesos friends! Or even fifty or even twenty!

Let's pitch in whatever we can. Please, please, pretty please!

SENDong Kids Back to School!


  1. ilang LV ang kailangan mo? - jinkee pacquiao


    -the geek

  2. adik ka! lol

    - darc