Wednesday, July 25

After Office Stuff

I can't live without dental floss. And it's really funny when you learn that you're out of it. You pull out the floss and then surprise, you get around just 30cm! I get really anxious if I do not floss so when that happened a couple of nights ago, I quickly grabbed my wallet and headed to the nearest convenience store.

"Punta ako 7/11," I told everyone who at that time was comfortably slumped in front of the tube.

Then Tatay turned to me, looked at me, and as if startled, blurted out: "Nakasando ka lang?!"

I don't know what made him ask that, nope, made him state that. But as every son will rightfully do, I replied... "Bakit? Ma-rerape ba ako sa labas?!"

That and my Nanay getting really fond of calling everyone "Teh" to the point that I even heard her say "Teh, paabot nga ng salamin ko." Nope, she wasn't talking to me. She was talking to Tatay.

And that my friends is how we are at home ;)


  1. Ang kyut naman ni Nanay, nagiging tehtehmon :D

  2. for a while i thought your name's justin wednesday. haha :)

  3. i miss your home... :)

    - the geek

  4. weh? lol

    - darc