Monday, July 23

The Darc Knight Rises

Coming back, moving on.
Learning from Alfred that the reason for your wallowing really chose someone else.
Getting your back broken.
Building yourself up again.
Getting out of a hell hole.
Because fear inspires you to take that big leap out.

Fear. I remember telling someone soon after that I was scared.
"Scared of what?" he asked.
I really didn't know. All I know was that I was scared.
Perhaps because I can't cry? I didn't know how to cry.

And then Ms. Kyle says, "You don't owe these people anymore."
The Dark Knight says he hasn't given his all.
But what if you already did?

Cheap love is when it's all talk.
Talk is cheap right?

And then there's Bane who speaks of hope as instrumental to despair.
So who gave you that glimmer of hope that put you now in despair?
Kill all hope. Or then again, let it die a natural death.
Natural death.

He promised Utopia. He was a messiah.
Because this time, you can claim what's rightfully yours.
In his mind he was a good guy.
But then again talk is cheap.
Cheap love.

Have you ever had a Bane in your life?


  1. Don't you remember, Darc?

    Whether Bane is your savior or your reckoning depends on whether he loves you or not.

    Just like everyone else.

  2. well then i guess he never did ;)

  3. Crowd: [chanting] Deh-Shay, Deh-Shay, Bah Sah Rah. Bah Sah Rah.

    Bruce Wayne: What does that mean?

    Prisoner: "Rise."


  4. so ikaw na si maat ngayon? hahaha