Friday, July 27


I wired money to a guy I met online, never met in person, never talked to in person.

Said he was a Balikbayan having a vacation alone somewhere South. He went out to shop and lost his wallet to a pickpocket. Ergo, he doesn't have money to go back to the airport. He asked if I could loan him money for fare and a few meals. Being the gullible guy that I am, I obliged and dropped some cash via Western Union. And of course, after claiming the money, his messages were nowhere to be found.

I knew I was being duped but I played along anyway.

Oh well that's me.
Fully aware of being scammed yet doing it anyway.
Fully aware of being shortchanged yet enduring it anyway.


  1. Miserable awareness, Darc?

  2. well i hopeyou overcome this thingy of urs, bec its not good, though you have good intentions to help, good karma will go your way anyway

  3. Seriously? How did he contact you? Pagtatawanan mo lang to pag maalala mo yan pagtanda mo.

  4. @rudeboy: ignorance is bliss. hindi ko rin naman masabi na charge to experience na lang kasi i was fully aware of what i was doing. lol. crazy me.

    @conio: thank you for the good karma thingy!

    so you are justin friday now. lol

  5. One time, a scammer hacked my cousin's yahoo messenger account and fooled two contacts. He received about 20,000 from them. Wala talaga silang magawa sa buhay. Tsk, tsk.

  6. yikes, now scamming friends through me would've been an even bigger booboo. buti na lang my friends are smarter than I am. lol
    - darc

  7. I must admit, I was a little surprised by what you said. That you knew, yet you played along.

    It made me wonder why? What were your reasons for playing along, would you do it again? Very curious incident.