Friday, February 12

The Black Book

Side by side on a bed. It was the first anniversary.

The trip was my present, while you handed me a black book. In it were familiar stories, musings I've already read. Your entries for the past year, now in black and white. But the last page was new. Weird, it was another first: me reading your thoughts while you watched on.

"Now look at me," said the last line.

With a puzzled look, I turned to my left and you mouthed...

"I love you."


That black book must be gathering dust now, along with the little things and notes you gave me. Or perhaps they've long found their repose in the dumps.

It's been more than a year since I dropped them off at your dorm, one night when you chose to go out with your students rather than settle things with me.

No more black book. No more you. No more drama...

Thank God!



  1. palakpakan ang pagdating ng BIDA KONTRABIDA...Rubi :P

  2. kilig ako sa first part pero na-sad ako sa last. :)

  3. such a sweet memory. though hindi maganda ung ending ninyo, as long as you are happy in the end, it's good! =D *hugs*

  4. I'm glad you've moved forward. :)

  5. The first part was really sweet. It's sad it didn't work out. But hey, there's still alot of guys out there. Who knows, right?

  6. @jepoy: baliw ka talaga. hehe

    @aris: hindi ka ma-sasad pag nakita mo siya, sasabihin mo sa kin, buti natauhan ka na. hehe. thanks for dropping by sir. appreciate it as always :)

    @erick: ok na iyon, better that way :)

    @lee: hugs back!

  7. @dragonfly: thanks thanks! :)

    @engel: yep, not giving up on my love story. nyehe, hang-corny ko lang. hehe

    @nimrod: disaster disaster!!! lol

  8. Darc: aw.

    may date ka na ba for valentine's?


  9. nag climax ako tapos bumaba bigla ang emotion ko. panalong entry for valentines.

  10. next time, ibang color naman. pink? periwinkle? lavender? =)

  11. memories nga naman. haha lumalabas lalo na't malapit na ang v-day.

  12. the painful part of letting go is saying goodbye to wonderful memories :(

  13. May hirit sa huli. Ayus. Happy Valentine's!

  14. @eternalwanderer: ay tapos na valentine. a day too late ko nabasa. hehe

    @bunwich: nagtatampo ako, hindi naman ako intimidating eh :(

    @paci: blue sana gusto ko. kaya lang parang may exam, blue book. hehe

    @nyl: lol. what can i say? guilty as charged. hehe

  15. @kikit: agree agree. pero after all that, magiging happy ulit ;)

    @chichirya: belated happy balentayms sir!

    @ruby: tenkyu po! :)

    @geek: elow back ;)