Monday, February 22

Of Red Tulles and Passion

I wanted to roll my eyes and give out a smirk. Looking back, I must've whispered: "Is this for real?!" under my breath.

Christian Espiritu paused in the middle of his talk... and cried.

He recounted how moved he was when he saw a gown displayed in Slim's window. A gown with an apron, with gold threads and voluminous red tulle.

It was so gay, crying over voluminous red tulle. It was surreal.

But then I didn't roll my eyes and give out a smirk.

Stripped of all the glamour and pretentiousness of his industry, there standing before me, silently weeping a memory as vivid as when it was created, was a man who found his passion. Someone who lived out what he always wanted. Someone who found what it was that moved him, that made him cry.

And then I realized, I envied him.

25 years yet no signs of my red tulle. If only I could buy it at some display window... I know I will.


  1. I can relate with how Christian Espiritu felt as one can only relate when he has stared right at the Passionate Calling itself :)

  2. I've always loved Christian Espiritu's name. It's a designer's name if ever there was one. And Slim's! Oh, my. Somebody really ought to do a biopic on Salvacion Lim-Higgins - the erstwhile Diana Vreeland of our times.

    As for the voluminous red tulle, I'd cry, too. But not out of joy.

  3. who the hell is Christian Espiritu?!

  4. Iruico: ask rudeboy hahahahah

    Engel: ask rudeboy, too.

    rude: i shall cry at the sight of a gold lamé lolz

  5. napagoogle tulot ako. haha yun pala yun.

    how odd. i found my passion but i seem to have lost my drive. i wanna do something careless like surf or go bunjee jumping. perhaps it might put things at a better perspective.

    they say the secret to happiness is wanting what you're given. i sometimes disagree. i wanna find my red tulle, too. :c

  6. hahaha. like iurico and engelm napa blonde moments din ako kahit hindi naman talaga ko blonde... and tulad din ni citybouy, ginogoogle ko din siya ta nalaman.

    for me, i'm still in the process of convincing myself not to look for happiness rather aim for contentment.

    for happiness is an unending journey of temporary joy and a series of frustrations.


  7. Peasants.

    That is all.


  8. kaibigan mo si Christian Espiritu? wowowee!! hehehe

    oh yeah SLIM :D

  9. @eternalwanderer: aw, i'm happy for you :)

    @iurico: Christian Espiritu's one of the pioneers in Philippine fashion. he's a living legend of sorts, right rudeboy? hehe

    @engel: now i know what to answer in johnstan's blog. plu ka kung alam mo kung ano ang tulle. lol. it's a sheer fabric...

  10. @nyl: here's hoping we find it! :)

    @wanderingcommuter: blonde moment talaga? lol. hay, but i kinda feel content. it's like settling, that's why i want some inspiration...

    @rudeboy: isn't the new book a biopic of sorts? peasants talaga ang comment. hahahaha

    @jepoy: ganun ba ko katanda para maging friend ni Christian Espiritu? siya kasi iyong speaker last Saturday...

  11. that red tulle is already taken. find something new...

    one in pink, perhaps? ;)

  12. the red tulle is already taken? sayang naman :P

  13. yes, by christian espiritu. hehehe

  14. well so much for that. next please. lol

  15. @ Darc : Maybe your destiny can be found in cabbage roses. Pepito Albert used to be very fond of them.

  16. It's comforting to know that I wasn't the only one lost before googling things.

    And I envy people you've found their red tulles, who became definite with what they want to pursue.

    Ako, I always feel like I'm meandering, not really knowing where to go.

  17. hope you find that angel to wrestle to the ground. kahit na walang siyang suot na red tulle. hehe.

  18. darc: how poignant your observation was. i too was at that talk, and i saw him recount that moment. i too nearly rolled my eyes, but didn't. it was a profound moment. the red tulle story should continue to inspire. let's not let people forget it. it's too valuable a lesson.

  19. ohmy, i haven't returned the comments. nakakahiya!

    @rudeboy: i like cabbage roses... as long as they're in black. hehe

    @manech: i so know how it feels, hay...

    @karla: lol. an angel to wrestle to the ground... sana hunky angel. haha. literal ;P

    @anonymous: who were you there sir? i was seated near the aisle, the second row of monoblock chairs. hehe.

    wow, i finally got an anonymous comment. this made my day. for real!

  20. darc: i was somewhere in the middle on the left side. on the next slim's lecture on march 20, botong francisco will speak. i think we all need a dose of history to remind us of who we are and where we came from.

    might help us see where we are going.

    i heard they are extending the slim's exhibit because it is breaking records of attendance.

  21. i was on the left side too! remember the row where amina aranaz sat? siguro mga two rows before that on the other side, i was on the aisle mismo. we missed the talk on the 6th. hindi ko pa alam if we're still on for the 20th :)

    but botong francisco will be interesting. kukulitin ko sila! hehe

  22. hey people. new to this blog. but just wanted to say i attended the slim's talk on the 20th, by salvador bernal and joey panlilio. fascinating stuff! we were not always a third world country. inspiring. the speakers gave background to the era and the exhibit gave visual proof.

  23. hay, i missed the lecture. sana nga ma-extend. why not write on it? or post pictures? :)