Monday, February 8

Counting Down

I wonder if Valentine's Day will be like my birthday.
Wake up, sleep again... before I know it, the day is over.

Being So Not For You
PM Dawn

Why can't I keep you from the cold?
You seem to know the different faces
No matter what road you travel on
You go through the darkest places

I can't tell the angels
It'll be good for you
Wanting to say
Blessed be the darkness
For bringing the light through
But I'd be lying to myself

I had no right
Bringing you here
Knowing what I know
Feeling the way I feel

I had no right
Being so uncontent
Being so confused
Being so not for you
Not for you

You're in love with all that you don't know
Animates your expectations
What's the easiest way to hurt a man?
Give him all he's ever wanted

I'm trying to tell the angels
I don't know what to do
Convincing myself to believe
All the sadness have purpose too
Makes me hate this

When you asked the angels
To make you a better you
Dream all you want
'Cause all the light you occupy
They will try and take it all from you


  1. pwede naman ang singles group date!!!! taralets bagets!!! :P

  2. di naman kailangan gawing event. on the 14th, i'll be chanting.. it'sjustanotherdayit'sjustanotherdayit'sjustanotherdayit'sjustanotherdayit'sjustanotherdayit'sjustanotherdayit'sjustanotherday lol

  3. lol @ nyl. i'm a fan talaga. haha

    @jepoy: toge pala ha. lol

  4. sexy daw pag single, says bench. haha

  5. That one's Valentines is uneventful is not that bad. Provided, of course, that it is exactly what one wants. :D

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  7. @chichirya: yep, i guess this year i'm gonna be single and sexy. bwahaha. kapal ng mukha ko.

    @manech: hmmm for that, no plans, i'll be sleeping through the weekend. hehe

    @travailer: che. emo. haha ;P

  8. sometimes, its actually us that pulls out or create the things that frustrates us...

    don't make that day that uber special. live it as if its just an ordinary day. beides, its not as if you started your Vday with a day, right?!

    smile... :0

  9. valentine's day ba ang feb. 14? all i know is that it's the Chinese New Year. hahaha

    Kung Hei Fat Choi! =D

  10. it's just another day.

    oh and i love the song. so 90's =)

  11. @wanderincommuter: yep, i'll be doing a nyl. it'sjustanotherday... hehe

    @lee: that's actually a good way to displace. haha

    @sonotconio: it's by PM Dawn :)

    @engel: the song's great noh? :P