Monday, July 19


Have you ever felt that you had so much to write but the right words just don't come to you? That's how I feel right now. It's the feeling you can't put a finger on. It's vague yet strangely familiar. The elephant in the room, big enough to stomp on you yet still it goes unnoticed... you go to great lengths to leave it unnoticed.

And then you ramble, offering a hodge-podge of sentiments, hoping that it could pass up for some pseudo-philosophical musing. But then did you really want it to be some intellectual preach-athon when you started to write just to let it all out, let all of you out?

Well i guess I'm just scared... scared to admit that for the first time, I want something I could never have. I want to hold on to you, erase everything you've been through, erase every doubt and confusion so that what would be left is me, just me.

Scared and selfish. Way to go Darc... way to go....


  1. "so that what would be left is me, just me."

    I love how love is just so selfish.. Embrace it, Darc. It makes us beautiful.

  2. thanks sa greeting! =)

    there is a time when you need to be selfish so you could feel that something or someone for that matter is yours..after that, all will be fine. =)

  3. But people never fully part. They leave traces of themselves where emotion becomes memory. The same way that we find ourselves piecewise offerings to those we chose to invest our hearts in. The wound will heal, but keloidal scars remind us of that moment in time when the feeling was reality, and the connection still valid.

  4. our heart can only contain so much.

  5. Why do people say I want something I could never have?

  6. alam mo friend, ibang iba ka talaga kapag nagsusulat. pramis. :)

    emo na naman. che :P

  7. thanks JP, ambilis ng DM sa twitter ha :)

    nyl!!! kasing-beautiful ng mga nestle angels sa BHS? :p

    paci: yes, i hope all will be fine. haberdey ulit! :)

    @red: yeah, i guess we really are parts and pieces of the people we meet...

  8. @alterjon: sometimes we need to let it out a bit talaga noh? :)

    @orallyours: if and when you find out why, whack my head and tell me, will you? :P

    @jepoy: weh? ikaw kasi pasimuno eh. alam mo namang i'm vulnerable to suggestions, i'm fragile. lol

  9. i thought you're writing about having writer's block sa umpisa ng post mo hehehehe

    anyway, it's good to be selfish sometimes but... for the right reasons and circumstance :)

  10. weh? lol. hindi na ako naniniwala sa iyo, lagi ka busy eh. busy sa boyps. haha. yiiheee...