Tuesday, July 27

Guardian Meets the Cybercelebrity

It's kind of reassuring to have a blog guardian, someone who keeps you grounded, who knows how you are in person way before you started pouring your heart out in an online journal. To a certain extent, my blog guardian keeps me in line, trying his very best (in spite of my hard-headedness) to steer me from diving into unwieldy situations as I meet people on this side of the web. Of course, he's never successful and I can only imagine his frustration - and amusement - as he tells me, "Hay, Darc, the things you get yourself into...."

Over the weekend, my blog guardian met two of my cybercelebrities whom I've come to consider as offline friends as well. Actually, as he put it, I chaperoned since he and his other "guardian" friends read one of them religiously. In fact, cybercelebrity 1 is the only blogger he reads and yep, he's a fan boy.

So we were having lunch: they were talking, I was making kulit. Then the conversation touched on how the online-offline gap was bridged, how it was possible to create real friendships out of the connections we make on this virtual space. Being a noob on these affairs, I listened in to cybercelebrity 1's thoughts: "I try to communicate with them... of course, only if they want to." Flimsy connections do need constant work, I thought.

Some more talk on choosing who to befriend and who remain mere acquaintances and then, I can't exactly remember how or why, blog guardian said: "I wasn't really that worried. I knew that somehow, it's the good people who'd gravitate toward Darc and his story."

My heart blushed. Guardian thinks I attract nice people. And that could only mean one thing: you, co-cyberpilgrims, are nice and the connection we have is something borne out of your desire to connect with someone with a good heart. Hehe. So much for being fluffy and sugary and sweet. Sorry, I can't help it :P


  1. Oooh, a blog guardian? What an interesting concept!

    And I agree. I can't really say I have a good heart but I recognized that you do when I first landed on this page. You know I'm a big fan of the Darc. :D

    So sino-sino ang mga ito? hehe

  2. So I'm a (more) nice person din since I, too, got (more than) attracted to you? lol

    - Ayshkim Kid

  3. it was serendipitous nyl. i didn't know he was a blog-reader when i started out. parang nahuli ako! haha.

    and the admiration is mutual. i am a fan of the citybuoy... and i'm an even bigger fan of nyl :)

    ay kilala mo iyang dalawang iyan. it's the surprise of the weekend, gets? haha

  4. Dear Ayshkim Kid,

    I slowly fell off my seat as I read your comment... slowly fell off my seat as a smile slowly formed on my lips.


  5. nice people gravitate toward each other :)

    kaya siguro i have no friends LOL

  6. we have nothing but good words for him. ang bait bait niya, walang ere. and it was really a pleasure on my part to have met him...

    and fyi, spare me the word cybercelebrity.

    hahaha see you again next time...both of you!

  7. you have nothing but good words but your other half rolled his eyes daw sa kaniya eh. haha. peace other half! yep, wala ngang ere, kaya ayoko umarte, baka masampal ako ng tunay na mayaman. lol

    "both of you" sounds as if we're a couple. ew. on second thought, maybe that's why he skipped dinner with you guys, para ma-date niya ako sa pepato. haha, joke lang anonymous. even i would barf on that idea, incestuous much?! haha

    pero... parang may gusto ako i-date sa pepato. hmmm.... hehe

  8. this just reaffirms that i am indeed a nice guy. lol.

  9. che! mabait ka lang kunwari pero may mean bone ka rin hehehe joke

    pero ang sweet ng post na ito :)

  10. @jason: weh? ahaha :P

    @lee: parang ikaw lang. hahaha :P

  11. uulitin ko lang ang comment ni jason.

    this just reaffirms that i am indeed a nice guy. lol.

    hahahaha. aun na!

  12. You are Darc. You just weren't aware. :)

  13. i missed the chance to get to know you.. next time na lang ulet. pero im glad to see you there.

  14. Red, I am what again? Your shorter comments are more cryptic than the longer ones. haha :P

    @davidrockens: what you saw was just a projection of my subconscious :P nahiya rin kasi ako sa inyo eh. hehe

  15. understandable na mahiya ka sa amin, pero kay dabo, parang medyo malabo.

    btw, thanks for coming and to that. i don't remember thanking you kasi.

    hope you enjoyed it.


  16. It takes a lot for me to want to go through a blog's archive. Yours did. I haven't seen anyone write so fluidly for quite some time now. Your weaved words flow like song verses. Now, I'm a fan! :)

    Or nasabi na ba to ni Jepoy? Hahaha.

    - M

  17. @wc: bawal mahiya kay dabo? i wonder why? :) you're welcome, sorry for leaving early though. hehe

    @Mak: hala, nahiya naman ako bigla :P