Wednesday, July 21


There's something surreal about finding your way out of the mall after a last full show. Dim hallways with store signages crafting pockets of light. Going down several flights of escalators with the occasional security guard tracing where you're going. And then crossing the exit to find a light drizzle, a cool breeze as you pull over your hoodie and brave the midnight streets.

The jeepney suddenly stopped. A cab did the same a couple of seconds before us. We rushed to the other lane, passed by the cab to find a red box-type Toyota who did a counterflow. Weird. We were just beside a flyover. How could he possibly think of doing a counterflow? Or better yet, how in the world did he do it? Even weirder was how nonchalant the box-type's driver was. An old Chinese guy, probably in his 60's, platinum hair and all. He was sitting upright. No trace of worries in his face, clueless that he was actually in the wrong lane.

Wrong lane.

Not a minute has passed since that scene when all of a sudden, we found ourselves in front of a cement-mixer truck, parked perpendicular to the street.

Seriously now!

And upon reaching home, as I clasped the lever to open our gate, a stray cat jumped on me from the dark then slyly walked away.

It was Tuesday night... make that Wednesday "morning."

And now I'm at work, typing away, waiting for this laptop's screen to turn blue and restart on its own for the nth time. I pause and ask, how did I get here again?


  1. how surreal. i wonder what it means. may moments ako na parang ganiyan din. yung magugulat nalang ako at di ko alam kung pano ako napunta dun. pero usualy, that just means lasing ako or bagong gising. haha

  2. hmmm, lasing ba ako kagabi? ahaha :P

  3. malay mo. haha akala mo iced tea, ayun pala alak na. hehe

    i wonder what inspired this post. it's so cryptic... "D

  4. Welcome to The Matrix. hehe :)

  5. Truth is stranger than fiction, eh?

  6. Soltero beat me to it! Haha. You were in the Twilight Zone! Nuninuninuninu. :)

  7. @nyl: or maybe i was just really hungry. hmm, cryptic? i thought it was rather dry. or maybe dry really is cryptic. lol :P

    @alterjon: well hello there mr. smith :P

    @ruddie: it really is. guess you've been experiencing the same lately. hehe

  8. @ldp: yep, the weirdest part remains to be that Chinese guy driving the box-type. NR talaga while sitting in his car...

    @soltero: eeek, baka nga. i'm scared! hahaha

    @jace: ay iyan pang si soltero, mabilis talaga iyan. lol :P

  9. hahaha

    I, sometimes, have one of these days.

  10. weird noh? sabi nga ni soltero, twilight zone-ish. hehe