Sunday, July 4

The Poet

Of chapters unwritten
Of memories to be made
Of standing by
As the heart poured out
Its fears and its joys
Its pains and its hopes
And the unending understanding
Of goodness beyond comprehension
That only someone as true
Only someone as genuine
Could possibly give

The lyricist that you are
Your silent presence was perhaps by far
The most lucid interval I could possibly hope for
For in it was comforting assurance
Of a steady hand to prop up an injured soul
Selfless arms to embrace a fragile heart

My secret keeper

I am honored by your friendship
I am humbled by your kindness
And in this chaos of a life
You are my inspiration
That even if I bleed
I could still give
That despite the hurt
I could still heal

This spartan offer pales in comparison to your genius
A genius made manifest not only by your words
But more so, by the goodness of your heart
Happy birthday to the sweetest Geek.



  1. when i first read this, i could not help but ask myself, is this for me? is this me? i had no idea that these are the impressions i got.

    i am humbled. i am touched, sooper sooper touched.

    thank you...(half-digested pa lang to ha. hahaha)


  2. and nyl, thank you. ;)