Monday, September 17


Our return trip was from the province's main port, about 30 minutes from the beach: was dropped off by our awesome driver, went inside, confirmed tickets, paid the terminal fee, and headed toward the boarding area. Cinematic -and maybe this is just me romanticizing - at the very instance I stepped onto the boarding area, three gents started strumming their guitars. I quickly recognized the familiar tune but had to wait for them to start singing just to confirm. I mean, really, this song, to see me away from this trip?!

A couple of bars and then the rightmost guy started singing. And yep, I was right. They sang Who Am I and I got really teary eyed as I stood from the sides watching. I was kinda conscious. I mean a kid crying at the port's boarding area a handful of Koreans, Caucasians, and what have you packed together with the locals... I didn't really mind the fours lesbians I took this trip with. At worst they'd find it mildly cute; after all, all four of them took me as their own kid early on the weekend by virtue of our age difference.

After that Casting Crowns song, they then took on Hillsong and did One Way Jesus. It was a fun song so I initially thought that I've saved myself from fighting back my tears. But when they sang that line with so much gusto and fervor, I decided that the lack of sleep was a convenient excuse for my eyes welling up.

"We live by faith and not by sight...."

Three blind men, singing that. Striking. The song was at its most literal yet still it was metaphorical. And that something which I cannot put a finger on had a guttural tug in me.

They were already singing pop tunes - they even sang You Don't Know You're Beautiful by 1D! - when we passed by them as we moved toward the gate. I quickly crumpled a hundred peso bill and dropped it in their donation box before sinking slowly into a nearby chair. Thinking about it now, that hundred peso bill is nothing compared to the inspiration they bring.

So do me favor friends, if and when you pass by Tagbilaran City's port, please drop a couple of hundred more for these three fine men. I'd be more than happy to reimburse! They see more than most people - at least more than I - and they're more than gracious to share this gift of sight. The tears in my eyes simply echo the warm cheering of my heart.


  1. Gusto ko din maexperience yun ganyan, un kikilabutan ka sa naririnig at nakikita mo dahil sobrang nadadala ka sa ginagawa ng iba.

  2. I can't find a song Who Am I from Counting Crows... :-(

  3. @rudeboy: it really was sir :)

    @mac: i'm claiming, that will happen to you soon. hehe

    @anon: naku, casting crowns pala. lol. here's the link: