Monday, September 3

O True Blood

First time I came across Sookie Stackhouse was when a colleague requested for a then hard-to-find installment of the series for the office Christmas exchange gift. Soon after, HBO came up with the True Blood series. I wasn't really interested... until a couple of Saturday's ago, and it was already on its fifth season! So it has become a weekend ritual, two episodes every Saturday night, the first unfortunately being a rerun of the second episode of the previous weekend. Anyway, I like the series' OBB - no matter how twisted it seems what with maggots eating out a wolf or something. And just this Saturday, the closing song reminded me of Shawn Colvin's Get Out of This House.

"You act like a baby, you talk like a fool.
Get out of this house...."

In other news, someone buzzed me Saturday at around 1am saying that he's at O-Bar Ortigas. And since it's just 20 minutes from our place, of course I obliged. Lol. Same old same old. But I have to admit, it's fun getting tipsy in a bar. At one point, I had to get out, grab a Gatorade and just sit. still. on the pavement.

And now doing a 180, on my way to work, this song popped in my head. I think I was in third grade, one of those masses celebrated every week in school. I was with a bunch of kids doing an action-dance of sorts to that song. Until now, I still know the words. Lol. And that my friends was my "holy" entertainer debut. Haha


  1. Ako naman tinamad na panoodin ang trueblood haha nagsawa na i guess.

    Glad u are ok na :-)