Thursday, September 20

Notes on a Break-up Part 1

Sometimes I think that more than I, it's my friends who can't seem to move on. I mean, they ask me how I am, I say I'm ok, and then they raise up doubts with a quip of: "Really?" Well, I appreciate them checking on me but I'm not exactly untruthful. Post-break up, I was candid enough to acknowledge when I was sad and when I wasn't feeling ok. So I guess I thought it would follow that when I "declared" that I was getting better and that I was ok, they'd readily believe me. Guess again! Haha

Anyway, I've re-affirmed that nothing in this world really lasts. But the more pivotal realization is that, I'm ok with it. I've since learned to just let things be; stop making them happen, and just allow whatever comes my way to do just that: come my way.

So how am I right now?

Hmmm, I'm ok. Quite happy with where I am although of course there are moments when you remember. Memories are tricky, for sure you know that. There are times when I spend a whole day in a place where memories were made and remember that those memories existed only when I'm about to leave them. That's good right? You remember but your memories don't haunt you.

I'm excited with what else - or for that matter, who else - will drop by my life. It is in the rebuilding that you get to reinvent yourself but more than that, it is in the rebuilding that you get to re-affirm what makes you you. They say that money or a stressful situation don't really change a person's character, they merely amplify what's already there. And for me, what's there is a nice person. Yes friends, I may be a bore but I am nice. Lol.

... and that's why I'm veering away from having fubus and all that jazz (and this is a different post altogether); they end up falling in love with me. Haha. Hay Darc, the confidence... the nerd! Haha



  1. "Sometimes I think that more than I, it's my friends who can't seem to move on."

    excuse moi, but i just have to disagree. hahaha


  2. oh really? then why do you keep informing him of things I do? lol