Thursday, October 11


I immensely enjoyed Nelly Furtado's recent concert in Manila. Fronted by Gym Class Heroes, it was great soul food. She's been my hero since high school, waited a looooong time for her to come to Manila.

But my ultimate hero would have to be Paula Cole. From Me to Pearl to Be Somebody. Such glorious music. I have little hopes that she'd drop by the Philippines, but still I hope.

Her next album's Raven, indie as she's trying to race funds for the project via kickstarter. One of the packages involves a private concert at your house if you pitch in $10K or more. Hay, my mind's been daydreaming of having lots of money to get that experience. Imagine having Paula Cole in my house, playing music. I get all giddy just thinking about it.

But alas, I'm no billionaire, or even millionaire, or even a thousandillaire (haha, inventing words, I know! lol).

Someday soon, a Paula Cole gig in Boston or somewhere she might be touring.

Basta, someday!

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