Saturday, October 6

Recreational Buzz

Found myself googling poppers for a good hour! Needless to say I am intrigued and if I knew how to get one, I'd prolly be up on it already. I need to sleep this one down and let it slide. Otherwise, knowing how  "gutsy" and stubborn I can be, this might turn out to be a new hobby. Yikes.

I've had a lingering curiosity about E too. Been wanting to try one, even just a quarter of a tab. But after Oprah flashed hole-filled brains of E users, I thought twice... and thrice. The nagging's still there but my will remains strong. Thank God! I just talk my way out of it by reminding myself that smarts are all I got. I don't have the gorgeous face nor the banging body to fall back on... well at least not yet. Haha

Idleness indeed is the devil's workshop.