Tuesday, October 9

Slipping By

It has come to this. I am bored. I have nothing to do.

I report to the office... late. I turn on my laptop, check mails, do some work, postpone some work... and then just surf. Mindless net surfing.

And then I find myself still sitting by my desk at this hour, pretending to be busy but really, I have nothing to do. Major sigh. It's like I'm waiting for something to happen, something interesting to wake me or just keep me, well, interested. I hate this and I hope this state passes soon. But then something in me says this is my default. The thing is I refuse to admit that what keeps me going is having "someone." Cliche but that song really rings true right now: "There I was an empty piece of a shell... Yes I've gone beyond existing."

That's it. I'm simply existing.

Anyway, boss has decided to close shop. For what it's worth, he's a really nice guy, beyond all those mindless things he gets himself into. Yes boss, I think you crave attention - don't kill me! - but I know that you deserve much more. I am a fan. And I'll be cheering you on, this side of the world, praying that you be well always and that you find peace and joy in your life. Mind you, I pray for joy, not happiness because that is fleeting. Just this morning, the meaning of your online name crossed my mind. And it's my sincerest desire that now that you've ended your online story, perhaps you can then let go of the sadness that your name brings. I know you liked that departure from what you claim is your rather ordinary name.

But boss, there's an end to being triste.

Know that your cheering squad here back home will never get tired of sending you a rah-rah!

And oh, the dole-outs! But then PHL is an Asian tiger na so baka Europe needs the money more. Lol


  1. All I can say is he'd better have a good reason for leaving! Grabe, he will be missed. :(

  2. he's off to better things na raw nyl. hehe
    - darc