Tuesday, November 17


"Gusto mo raw tawagan kita?"

Funny Anonymous, really funny.

It never occurred to me that it was you. I've been making a list for the past week and to be honest, I never considered you an option. I don't know how you stumbled upon my space. I don't know how you figured it was me. Heck, I'm clueless why you surf PLU blogs. Whatever happened to the girlfriend? You know our acquaintances take it as it is and none really dared to ask you if you're... unless of course I was totally out of the loop.

So tell me, who else knows this little world of mine? Better yet, who else knows that little world of yours?

Tell you what, between us girls, let's keep this as our little secret. You've always been the quiet one, more pensive than I ever was. I know I can trust you on this. And yeah, I'm quite relieved that it was you. Some things I write might be totally out of character, at least from the guy you came to know back in college. Alam mo naman sila, I've always been the goody-two-shoes for them.

Yaddah yaddah yaddah... deleted as instructed. Hmph!


  1. What you do is brilliant and unexpected. Yes, by request, our conversation never existed =)

  2. I think I'll turn this comment space into my @darcdiarist tweeter space. haha

    case closed... Punta ka na sa malcolm hall...

    yey yey to the nth level... Baliw.

    Please edit... last two sentences... dead giveaway.

  3. hey, i can't send out messages. i'm stuck in this basement of an office.

    of course, i have no choice but to comply; you're a blog god. hehe

  4. Nawawala cell phone charger ko...

    Nangiintriga ka ha.

    Listen to the closet geek: "some stories are best kept untold..."


  5. you could very well buy a new charger. you could very well buy me for that matter. lol

    oo na nga, no more clues from now on. hehe