Wednesday, November 18


It would have been strike three if not for St. Jude.


I don't know why but I'm starting to get fond of guys-for-hire. No, I haven't paid anyone for sex... although the idea intrigues me and I have my eyes on a couple of guys to do it with the moment I decide to act on impulse.

Here's the deal. I've been hanging out in MIRC for about 2 weeks now and the ads that I click on and seriously engage are those offering their "services" for a quick buck. Yes, I am one heck of a serious-taker and I'm quite easy to deal with really. I gravitate towards sob-stories and the moment you tell me that you need the money to pay for something in school, no questions asked, I'll meet you and dole out the cash.

So far I've met two.

Guy-for-hire 1 is an engineering student in PLM. He's a DOST scholar trying to send himself to school without any help from his parents. He's young, just 19 years old. And when I asked him why he needed the money, he reasoned that his stipend's release has been delayed.

Strike 1. Enter gullible Darc.

We arranged to meet in Robinson's Pioneer since it's just a stone's throw away from our office. He was late, that got me irked big time. But then when I saw him, it was quite difficult to stay annoyed. I figure he's of Indian descent - tall, dark, chiseled nose, and a strong jaw. He smiled as he approached me. His stride was confident. Quite sure of himself, I thought.



"Sorry Sir I know I'm late. Traffic po kasi tsaka akala ko may dadaanan pa kayo."

"Ok lang. Walang problema. Kumain ka na?"

"Opo. Kayo ho?"

"Oo, habang hinihintay kita."

We started walking out of the mall.

"Oh, ito na iyong perang kailangan mo."

"Thank you po sir."

"Sige uwi na ako. Ikaw saan ba ang daan mo?"

"Ha? Sasakay po ulit ng MRT tapos sakay ng jeep sa Quezon Ave."

"Ok, sabay na tayo papuntang MRT."

"Sigurado kayo sir wala na tayong pupuntahan?"

"Yep. You're smart, you shouldn't be doing these things."

"First time lang naman sir. Kailangan kasi eh."

"Ok. But try not to do it again. Kaya ka nga matalino para magawan mo ng paraan 'di ba?"

"Sige Sir. Salamat po ulit."

And so that episode ended with me riding a jeep home after we parted ways in the MRT... or so I thought. Suddenly a text came in.


"Ano'ng wow?"

"Hindi ko lang kasi akalain na may nag-eexist na kagaya niyo Sir."

Ugh, could you spell cheesy?

"I mean, cute kayo tapos mabait... ay smart din pala."

"Ah, thanks. Glad to help you out."

"Huwag kang magagalit ha. I know you helped me out and all pero nakakahiya kasi dito sa MRT, siksikan... tapos I have a boner."

And as any clueless guy who wants to save face would do, I texted:



Guy-for-hire 2 is from Sta. Mesa. He was making his routine client calls through MIRC in a netshop near PUP. Okay Darc, here we go again... Strike 2.

This second meet-up was a lot shorter. I don't know what's with these student/for-hire kids but boy are they always late. His excuse was guess what, traffic. Some sort of accident happened along V. Mapa that's why he had no choice but to walk to our agreed meet-up place. He was panting as he reached the pseudo-mall's third floor. I bobbed my head to acknowledge him.

"Hi, CJ."

"Hi, Darc."

"Kanina ka pa?"

"Hindi ok lang."

Now this was a test of self-restraint. CJ was chinky-eyed and fair. And that was the reason the meet-up ended early. I pulled out some bills from my wallet, handed them over to him and said.

"Sige ingat ka ha."

"Hindi na ba tayo lalabas? Samahan na lang kita sa inyo."

"Hindi ok lang, pagod na rin ako. Diretso ka na lang uwi, gabi na rin."

Shit. I needed to hurry. The pseudo-mall housed a motel and I was afraid my dick would do the thinking for me.

"Sige text mo lang ako 'pag gusto mong lumabas ha. Hintayin ko."

"Sige, ingat."


Darc: What do you need the money for?
GFH3: Rent. Naubos kasi sa finals allowance ko.
Darc: Sige I'd just give you the money.
GFH3: Ok. Punta ka na lang sa place ko.
Darc: Hindi, meet up na lang tayo somewhere tapos bigay ko sa iyo iyong pera. May pupuntahan pa kasi ako.
GFH3: Ah ok, saan ka ba pupunta?
Darc: St. Jude
GFH3: Ayos, dito lang ako sa may Mendiola. Malapit lang sa St. Jude.


  1. ako po pala si Allan. kailangan ko lang po ng pambili ng psp. wag po kayo mag-alala, hindi po ako malalate... :D

    ambait naman. and quite noble. ingatz lang sa pagtulong-tulong ah, baka ung iba ndi na totoo. :)

    btw, tenkz for becoming a follower of my blog.

    and another btw, what's the number of guy #1? do email it to me, my addy is on my profile. hahaha!

  2. his number is 0927 675... lol.
    thanks for dropping by. i'll catch in your blog! ;)

  3. You're kind. Is this for real?

    I guess a lot of us (including me, but probably not you) have become cynical that random acts of kindness seem cinematic, fictional.

    I hope good karma reaches you in no time.

  4. Thanks Manech.
    I am nameless yet all names are mine. Carlos Bulosan? Sorry if my lit's a little rusty. =)