Tuesday, November 17


You asshole. I can't fucking believe you did this to me. You have absolutely no right to write those things about me. My dentist going down on me? My "promiscuous friends" egging me to have sex with another while we were together? You are totally deranged! It's not my freaking fault that you're insecure and would easily think that I'd cheat on you. I NEVER cheated on you! If at all, you were the one seeking affirmation from every shithead you meet. And now, I'm the fucking cheater?! You moron! Your face deserves to rot. Kasing pangit ng ugali mo ang mukha mo. And to think I was able to sleep with you without puking. Now I cringe at the thought of me enduring you for so long. You emotional blackmailer! I should've run the first time I thought you were manipulating my feelings to boost your ego. You selfish, self-centered emo-shit! And now your minions are consoling you by bashing me. Great job asshole. To think that when you apologized, I, without question, forgave you and wished you the best! And you even had the gall to threaten me. I don't freakin' care if you send out or post my "incriminating" pictures. Just goes to show how puny your character is. Ugh, I wanna kill myself for staying with you for so long. Delete those memories, delete those years, delete you! Delete! Delete! Delete!!!

But how can I delete all that when the first thing that comes up when I google my name is the word cheater opposite it?

You lying bastard!!!


  1. Ugh, that useless piece of trash. Matalino nga masama naman ugali! Hay...