Sunday, November 8

Sophomore Spell

I need to steer clear of cyberspace.

Blogs make me crazy in love.

I thought I could handle it but then a second attempt to dive into a storyteller's lair has put my heart in hyper-gloom mode. And it doesn't help that my past encounter with a blogger has left me stupid and broken. Three years of forgiving and forgetting. Taking you back when you turned away and played around... only to find out that you kept another space where you churned out words you were too afraid, too coward to let me know. And that alternate space talked about how you detested my shortcomings. Worse, it sounded your longing for past, pseudo, and imaginary relationships. All of which, didn't include me.

And so I need to step back. Cyberspace is too cruel for me. Words have always been my Achilles' Heel. And I need to muster enough courage to "play" this game.


  1. Please stay. Your blog may draw people who have experienced what you had or are going through this like you are (again). And perhaps, you guys can learn from each other. And maybe there will be a case where, in this space, romance is not doomed to fail before it even starts.

  2. Tristan has always been my hero...
    Wow, ang-witty ni anonymous =)

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  4. Darc, I am not worthy... but, thank you.