Tuesday, February 15

Finding Strength

My sister's high school friend walked from the Philippine Heart Center to their house in Mandaluyong because he had no money... his family had no money. His mom was fighting for her life at the hospital. A few days later, after reports of a seeming recovery, the kid's mom passed away. That fateful morning, I was walking along Makati Avenue on my way to work. A buzz from my phone saw a message from my sister: "Kuya, namatay na iyong nanay ng kaklase ko."

We were never the touchy-feely kind at home but at that point I replied: "Papunta ako office, naiyak naman ako dito sa daan."

And she replied: "Oo, ako nga rin naiyak."


  1. darc, this is so sad. a family member was confined in a government hospital for a long time, and everyday we would see the same story. when we update our hospi bill, other people wouldn't have enough money. there were people who would not eat meals and walk home to save money to pay for medication. saddest part is when you hear the cries of anguish in spite of all the sacrifices.

  2. totoo 'di ba? nakakalungkot. alam mo gusto ko nga magpayaman para lang makatulong sa iba. seryoso! sabi namin ng college friends ko, kailangan natin yumaman para makatulong man lang kahit papano...

    ... sila yayaman na, ako? oh well... hehe