Friday, February 4

Of Guns and Tanks and Moving Out

Two weeks, two phone calls, one former professor, one job.

He's been Assistant Secretary of the Defense Department for over a year now and he's building his office, among his key requirements is a policy analyst. Good news is that the Budget Department has approved his request for permanent posts, plantilla, as government jargon says.

At the back of my mind this spells pay cut for sure. It's the government and not much can be expected in spite of the newly introduced salary standardization. But then, admittedly, those phone calls had in themselves immense psychic rewards. No longer recommendatory but actual policy, he says. A level up from what we used to do a couple of years back. Lots of travels, he adds. But then would I really want to travel with military escorts at hand? In the few instances I did that before, I used to think of it as joining a moving target. Ambush anyone? But yeah, me and my girly self writing what the Defense Department should do? Ironic yet it definitely boosts my pride. One small step for me, one big leap for gayhood. It's like figuratively emasculating the defense establishment. Lol.

But seriously, it has been my dream to be sent to the Spratlys. I just might be able to do it this time.

Still, the question remains, to move out or not? If yes, then why there?


  1. the image that flashed in my mind : darc diarist starring in military gay porn haha. seriously, congrats. sounds very interesting. good luck with discerning the right choice for you.

  2. sana sa spratlys iyong setting. lol. pinilit ko pa rin ang spratlys. haha :P

  3. there is something 'elitista' in this post.

  4. im curious, why do you like to b sent to spratlys? =D Seriously, there might just be a good opportunity for you awaiting in that military defense job... =D

  5. You should be ready if you were already in the Spratly island because there are lots of countries claiming that area....


  6. At the risk of sounding dense (by not being able to discern it from the post) but what exactly would your job entail? =)

    This may be the tritest advice ever, but when faced with a big decision I make a 'Pros & Cons' list. (Told you it was trite.)

    Thank you for stopping by my little hole-in-the-wall blog. Greetings from Cebu. =)

    P.S. A pay cut + risk of bodily harm doesn't sound like the hottest deal. But the Spratlys does sound cool.

  7. That would still be interesting. Be on a place where everyone can't come easily. What I know about it is that there are no women there. Pagong lang ang babae dun. Puro lalaki. Hehe

    Try asking for some LONELINESS PAY. Mahirap dun pero kakayanin mo naman siguro.

  8. @moi: what is elitista about this post?! che! lol

    @prop: parang gusto ko lang ng survivor mode. hehe

    @windel: yep yep!

    @SP: haha, pay cut + bodily harm... now that's another way of putting it. hehe

    @marlo: ooh, loneliness pay...