Thursday, April 8


Sunset at Chapel on the Hill.
A few friends and family.
A string quartet playing "Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal."
A soprano singing, "Ikaw lamang ang aking iibigin... magpakailanman."

Simple rites.
Simple words.

"I do."
"I love you."

I believe in magic.
I believe it will happen in my lifetime.

Sand on our feet.
Faint twinkles.
Peach sky.
The sea in rhythmic crash.
And a hand to hold.

I found my dream guy.

Glasses framing his chinky eyes.
Gentle mannered.
He speaks of the goodness in people.
And in him I see hope.

Intellectual but with a heart.
A ready smile.
Humble. Simple.
And bar none, sincere.

Sir, I want him to be much like you.
Because I know, I'd be safe.
I'd be at peace.
I'd be true.


  1. awwww... sweet post.

    wishing you luck with your love life mister. :)

  2. This got me misty.

    Its as if it was written on parchment, where blots of coffee stains mingle with teardrops across pages soiled by ink. Each line bled out by a heart, tired but persevering, damaged but not broken.

    Hope is the only resilient emotion we can count on. It weathers disdain, salving to pain, it clears the distraught, and gives tranquility to the downtrodden.

    You will find him, it may not be soon, but eventually. Take this time to prepare, so when he arrives forever is but a heartbeat away. And we'd be delighted to be audience to your promise to each other.

  3. how sweet... :) seems that your Romantic... swerte ng guy na iibigin mo!

    don't worry and wag kang ma despair jan lang un sa tabi tabi... tulad ng sinabi ni red the mod "You will find him, it may not be soon, but eventually."


  4. ..and i found myself flown somewhere, in my mind witnessing such an event. =)

  5. Sigh...

    *grabs iPod, listens to this, and dreams*

  6. thanks nimmy! :)

    @red: nice to have met you. hope you enjoy your volant!

    @popoy: swerte niya kung mahanap ko siya. hehe :)

    @paci: iinvite kita :)

    @travailer: great song... i love! :)