Monday, April 5


... ‘twas just a simple admiration from the start,
How words were weaved like a work of art,
A painting of a part, a faceless canvass,
Like a sculpted form of gold and brass.

Then you get curious, like a smitten cat,
You’d want to meet, and have a little chat
Thin or fat, over coffee or tea,
You’d get to realise, there’s more to see.

Though the cybercelebrity,
is just like you and me,

But weirdly, a soft smile, a touch of skin,
Can make you go gaga, and drown on gin,
“Fuck it!” you mutter, “I’ll love you nonetheless”
“Pero ampotah,” fate is such a mess.

For the end, is such a humorous bend.

In the end, you can only be friends
In the end, your heart you’ll have to mend.

Ampotah diba? :P

- Toilet Thoughts


... voyeurism is ingrained in my psyche. The capacity to generate images of longing and desire in the comfort, safety, and anonymity of this digitized delusion. I fell in love, for there is little to do but fall.

With the same fervor as real life ardor, replete with every emotionality, obsession and infatuation it entails, but devoid of the risks of vulnerability, rejection and confrontation. I fell in love because cyber-consciousness affords me to.

Because here, in this world of online exploitation we inhabit, he cannot stop me. Deter me. Prevent me. From fully actualizing the longings I possess. Consuming and clandestine. This is why.

- Red the Mod


And since everyone wants the moleskin, I decided to go Solomonic and tear it in the middle for Toilet Thoughts and Red the Mod to share. But then giving up the other half of the volant - which I initially wanted to keep - seemed a better option.

And that left the SWI GC disowned and to date, still unowned.

Cheers to Travailer, Moi, Mark, Dabo, Iurico, Ewik, Galen, and Anonymous! :)


  1. Haha I didn't contribute anything.

  2. Thanks. I am honored to have placed after Poi. And extremely excited to scribble my thoughts on the moleskin. :D

  3. @galen: um, thanks for dropping by? ahehe

    @moi: where is the grin? i can't see it. lol

    @red: naku, i am happy you're excited :D

  4. *grins* ---> ayun o!

    excited na din ako sa moleskin ko... hahahaha.

    Though I still feel na si Red padin tlga ang tunay na number 1. Idol ko kaya yan. (takot ako mag ingles pag nakikita ko sya, hehe).

    labyu Red!

  5. ah ayun pala ang grin. lol

    for comments - and please do have violent reactions - look for jepoydacuycoy. ahaha