Tuesday, March 30

XP 101

Let's do a list shall we?

I fell in love with a cybercelebrity because...


Best answer wins:

Slimmers World GC (P1,500 worth of Services)
Terms and conditions:
1. Strictly for new guests only.
2. Must be presented with another valid ID upon redemption.
3. Advance booking required.
4. Non-refundable, non-transferable, not covertible to cash.
5. Erasures and tampering will render GC invalid.
6. Lost GC will not be replaced.
7. May be availed only at SWI Pasay Road.
8. SWI will not be liable for any injury, etc.
9. Valid unitl 15 April 2010 only.

I'll be throwing in a dark blue moleskin volant (13x21cm) too for a runner up answer.

I just need to dispose of the GC since it's about to expire already plus I don't know but I find the moleskin too expensive for me to write on, so I guess it's better for someone else to have it.

Have as many answers as you want.
Drop them at the comments section.
Let's close this silly thing by Friday, 2 April 2010.

And if nobody leaves a comment, then yeah Jepoy, you could have the freebies... again. Hehe :P


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  2. Because voyeurism is ingrained in my psyche. The capacity to generate images of longing and desire in the comfort, safety, and anonymity of this digitized delusion. I fell in love, for there is little to do but fall.

    With the same fervor as real life ardor, replete with every emotionality, obsession and infatuation it entails, but devoid of the risks of vulnerability, rejection and confrontation. I fell in love because cyber-consciousness affords me to.

    Because here, in this world of online exploitation we inhabit, he cannot stop me. Deter me. Prevent me. From fully actualizing the longings I possess. Consuming and clandestine. This is why.

  3. do we really NEED a reason for falling?

  4. i rather peek in the lives of others than myself.

  5. Wala na, si Red na ang mananalo nyan. hahaha! Dapat disqualified na sya.

    Ayaw ko nung Slimmer's World, pwede ung moleskin nalang hingin?

    Pero sige sasali ako...

    Coz ‘twas just a simple admiration from the start,
    How words were weaved like a work of art,
    A painting of a part, a faceless canvass,
    Like a sculpted form of gold and brass.

    Then you get curious, like a smitten cat,
    You’d want to meet, and have a little chat
    Thin or fat, over coffee or tea,
    You’d get to realise, there’s more to see.

    Though the cybercelebrity,
    is just like you and me,

    But weirdly, a soft smile, a touch of skin,
    Can make you go gaga, and drown on gin,
    “Fuck it!” you mutter, “I’ll love you nonetheless”
    “Pero ampotah,” fate is such a mess.

    For the end, is such a humorous bend.

    In the end, you can only be friends
    In the end, your heart you’ll have to mend.

    Ampotah diba? :P

  6. i'll do anything para mapunta kay toilet tots yung mole skin. lab yu toilet tots! mishu na it hurts! mwaaah!

    so to fill in the blank:

    I fell in love with a cybercelebrity because he gave me blueballs everytime I read him!

    joke lang.

    serious answer:

    he is lovely.. a dream, a prayer and a wish on a star. he could be anything beyond all aspirations... kaya nyang sabihin sa akin ang isang milyong rason kayang baguhin ang mundo at panahon..

    pero kahit kailanman hindi nya sasabihin sa akin ang lihim ng kanyang damdamin at isipan.

  7. taray naman ng sagot ni Red. Nobela! Siya na! At toilet thoughts - panalo!

    I fell in love with a cybercelebrity because however open he shares his life for everyone to see, he leaves the mystery of discovery for me.

  8. wait.

    which cyber celebrity? andami kaya nun!!!


  9. i vote for red the mod... despite the fact na sobrang mahal na mahal ko si toilettots. siyempre aside from the facr, na alam ko ang motives niya na alam naman nyang hindi ako o kami papayag... saka mwawalan ako ng potential gym buddy kapag nagslimmers siya. hehehe

  10. I hope you win the Moleskin Red. :)

  11. @Kuya Galen, 2nd prize lang ung moleskin. 1st prize ung slimmer's world gift certificate. dapat first prize kay Red. hhmmp!!!!


  12. I fell in love with a cybercelebrity because... just because i did ;)